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Imperial Russian Culture: How art/ film influenced society over time - Research Paper Example

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The Snow Maiden and The Tale of The Firebird Thesis: Russian art was just starting to develop it's own art in the beginning of the 19th century. The country was still in the neo-19th century classism in which Europe had influenced each form of art. Nationalism was beginning but it would take 50 years before it would be defined and Russia had established her own style…
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Imperial Russian Culture: How art/ film influenced society over time
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Download file to see previous pages The same fairy tale was used in paintings and used by a distance cousin of Tolstoy's. From folk art to literature to music to art, the Snow Maiden and the Firebird crossed all schools of art form and cross cultures of native Russia. The early lacquer boxes started national art that was an independent contribution to the later 19th century "Wanders" , a group of Russian artists concentrating on their own culture. Our story begins with one man's trip to the Schtobwasser's factory in Germany and will finish on the stage with the famous opera of Rimsky Korsakov. TWO RUSSIAN FAIRY TALES The Snow Maiden and the Firebird have been chosen as they represent Russian Fairy Tales which have elements from the pagan time which were then adapted in the 19th century to be used in art, literature, music, folklore and Russian lacquer boxes. This essay will show how each element of art was used and how each element, therefore influenced the progression into other forms of art. Lacquer boxes tell a story or show scenes from a tale. In the 18th century, they were popular all over Europe and Asia. It was only in the late 18th century did one Russian who traveled to Germany and brought back with him, a group of masters to set up what would be one of the four leading schools of lacquer boxes. The school's history is fascinating. The influence of Fedoskino on other aspects of art touched all of Europe. The Snow Maiden and the Firebird have been chosen for analysis because it touched so many different forms of art: literature, lacquer boxes, art, and music. They are a symbol of Russian folk tales adapted to Russian Orthodox tradition. The tales still are part of Russian culture as they were put in artistic form in the early 19th century. The old tales told at home became principle themes used for the small black boxes. It is because of such beautiful work of Fedoskino, that the Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakov wrote his rendition of the "Snow Maiden" and the "Firebird". Four Fairytales in all which were used as subjects in lacquer boxes were also used in music, art, literature and poetry. Miniature lacquer boxes with beautiful paintings came from Asia over thousand years ago. The technology came to Europe in the 17-18th centuries. Since there was a demand for inexpensive snuffboxes, factories of lacquer boxes sprung up all over Europe. In 1795, Korobov visited the Schtobwasser factory which was one of the most famous. Wanting to bring this technology to Russia, he returned to Russia with a group of artisans The first factory and school were in his own village Danilovo later to be merged with Fedoskino. It was in his legacy that the lacquer boxes started to become famous. Korbobov's daughter married an educated business man, Lukutin who was able to turn the concept around and by 1828, his factory became well known all over Europe. He presented his wonders at the International Exhibition in Paris in which he won the 2nd place. Nicolas I awarded the factory the right to mark the boxes with the Royal emblem. They supplied the Tsar for three generations. One would think that the boxes are made of wood but as wood is a porous material and changes with time, Russian chose to work with paper marche (Maxym 9). In China, wooden boxes were used. The process of lacquering takes up to 60 days before it is given to the artist to paint. Entry into Fedoskino Art School is passed on from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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