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Analysis of Cadbury Company's environmental changes in last five years - Assignment Example

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Introduction to The Cadbury Company and its glowing History: Cadbury was initially established in 1824 by John Cadbury as a small shop in Birmingham. He believed that the sole cause of poverty was alcohol. So, instead of that, he sold coffee and tea at his shop…
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Analysis of Cadbury Companys environmental changes in last five years
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Download file to see previous pages (English Tea Store 2009) John experimented with his mortar and pestle, and was proud to present a range of cocoa and chocolate drinks. His chocolate drinks had sugar in them to enhance the flavor and his precious chocolate products were sold in blocks. When customers purchased these blocks they cut a tiny piece, placed it in a saucepan, added milk or water as they desired and the delicious concoction was ready in a flash. (Cadbury Ltd 2011) The business was prospering very well and both brothers, John and Benjamin, joined together to form the company Cadbury Brothers of Birmingham. They set up an office in London and in 1854 received a Royal Warrant, the first of many, as manufacturers of chocolate and cocoa to Queen Victoria. After running the business successfully for six years, the brothers ended their partnership because John`s health was deteriorating and hence, the responsibility of running the company landed on the shoulders of John`s sons, George and Richard. Both the brothers ran the company very well and expanded the product line. They introduced Cadbury’s Cocoa Essence which marked the beginning of chocolate as it exists in today’s time. Soon, they were able to shift their operations to a larger facility. As the company continued to progress, the brothers appointed Master confectioner, Frederic Kinchelman to share his recipe and production secrets with the Cadbury workers. This resulted in the expansion of the product line as more chocolate delicacies were made available and in 1897 they introduced the first milk chocolate and from then on, after two years they were incorporated as a limited company. Cadbury merged with Schweppes in 1969 to form Cadbury Schweppe and from there on they went on to acquire Sunkist, Canada Dry, Typhoo Tea and more. The manufacture of Cadbury brands was licensed to Hershey. Also, Schweppes Beverages was created. (English Tea Store 2009) In February, Kraft Foods acquired the Cadbury Company, making it the largest confectionery company in the world again. From the year 1969 onwards Cadbury`s was known as "Cadbury Schweppes plc" but that was until a demerger took place in May 2008, which resulted in the separation of its global confectionery business from its U.S. beverage unit and was renamed Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Microenvironment: The microenvironment of an organization means the factors or fundaments present in its direct area of operations that has an impact upon its performance and as well as the important decisions made by the organization. These factors are comprised of the company`s: competitors, customers, suppliers, distribution channels and also the general public. (Business Dictionary 2011) Microenvironment of Cadbury: Customers: Every company treasures its customers; similarly, Cadbury`s ensures that its customers are getting delicious and premium quality products which are worth their price. People have faith in the brand name of the company and the company exerts it utmost effort in maintaining the faith of its customers. Cadbury`s believes that Good business and Good values are directly proportional to one another. Therefore, they are committed to the implementation of their commitments and promises, so that they can value and guard the long history of trust that their consumers have in them. They listen to their consumers and respond to their needs. (Cadbury plc 2011) Roald Dahl, in his book The boy, writes that when he was in school, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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