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Discuss what is the importance of sex education in early childhood (3-8 years) and what is parents' attitude and teachers toward - Dissertation Example

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Sex Education in Early Childhood (3-8 Years)" Introduction Information regarding sex, sexual and sexuality has been prevailing in the societies since the dawn of human civilization, but appropriate orientation is deficient and this creates perplexity, curiosity, behavioural problems and lack of expression…
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Discuss what is the importance of sex education in early childhood (3-8 years) and what is parents attitude and teachers toward
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Extract of sample "Discuss what is the importance of sex education in early childhood (3-8 years) and what is parents' attitude and teachers toward"

Download file to see previous pages Education related to sex is for mounting youthful proficiencies so that they formulate knowledgeable preferences about their activities, and sense assurance and familiarity about performing on these options. It is extensively established that children possess right to be educated about their body and also should be imparted sex education as it is a method that aids them to safeguard and protect self in opposition to mistreatment, utilization, unplanned pregnancies, or from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV and AIDS. By imparting sex education, they are empowered to discuss issues influencing them, they do possess right get their requirements meet up, also assist these children to take pleasure and in understanding sexuality as well as their affiliations (Sex Education That Works). Apart from family atmosphere and preaching, school atmosphere plays an essential role in educating students about sexuality. Some schools educate their students about the subject as they are well equipped and feel it is necessary for the child development, while other schools never like to handle the subject (Kirby, 1999). Humans have developed a society with different temperaments, perplexing environment of varying morals, contentment seeking and progressiveness and open-minded attitudes. It is observed that children are coddled in adult sexual performance enhancing the rate of divorces between couples. This is tragic for the children as they are being pulled by their parents (Ketterman, 2007). According to Wight and Abraham (2000), it is necessary to develop sex education on the basis of theoretical knowledge. This programme is undergoing controlled research trial in UK. Wight and Abraham (2000) further state that it is difficult to translate research based conclusions drawn regarding imparting sex education into acceptable, replicable and potentially effective classroom lessons. It is imperative to incorporate the theoretical ideas with high precision and care to create an awareness in the classroom culture. It is evident that every teacher has a different skill to teach and the incorporated information must be explicit enough to be transmitted in the manner and procedure it should be (Wellings,, 2001). It is essential to have the appropriate directions to safeguard the children and future generations from any kind of mishap (Ogunjini, 2006). Sex education is required to develop a healthy approach as well as to afford the budding minds with a vision and an outlook so that the mistakes that were done in the past could not be repeated. The mistake encompassed the birth of AIDS and STDs, had sex education would have gained magnitude in the past and concern about educating individuals would have been started a few dreaded diseases could have been prevented (Ketterman, 2007; Bryan, 1996). According to Eyre and Eyre (1999), children must be educated in an explicit manner about the sex and sexuality. It is essential for them to have complete information and it is always better to start early as soon as the child is three years of age and till the child is eight, the child must be able to be aware about many things in life and should grasp the situations, happenings going around. Sexuality begins at birth. As soon as the child is born everyone likes to know- "a boy or a girl?" Children are classified by their gender and thus they learn to discriminate between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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