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Early Childhood Education Program - Term Paper Example

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In the paper “Early Childhood Education Program” the author presents this proposal to cater to the development of an early childhood educational program. This program is designed to foster and care for the students with the best education…
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Early Childhood Education Program
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Download file to see previous pages This center has a goal of providing the best training and education for eight hours a day operation. For ages three to five years old, the curriculum will be conducted for four hours and five days a week. This is to ensure that the development of the children of this age will be observed. This center is very essential to provide the positive impact and nurture on the children within the community. As a center designed to provide quality education for infants and toddlers as well as preschoolers, this school is important in the community. Vision To be the best in providing the children the finest life and career skills using the comprehensive classroom technology plan. To be committed to provide true service where teachers and educators are knowledgeable and responsible and who truly care to their students. We believe that we can offer and develop the learning and innovation skills of the students. We desire to inspire to our valued students the importance of learning the information, media and technology skills by providing the best classroom environment and teaching plan that suits every need of the students. We dedicate all our gifts, efforts and power to its realization. With God’s help, this vision will be upheld. ...
To be able to instil the value of classroom development and provide the best learning environment to the students for the common good. Philosophy Children are the most precious gifts to parents. For a teacher, a second most valuable guide to each student, teaching is a very essential job that contributes to intellectual growth and future of a child. Subjects and activities included in each curriculum are expertise of the teacher. The students should be moulded into active participants of a learning process through classrooms equipped to teach the students and a well organized curriculum to fit the needs of the students. In the end, the students should meet the premiere standards and assessments. The proposed vision, mission and philosophy are based on the Constructivist Theory of child development and learning. This theory was popularized by Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori and Lev Vygotsky who believed that interaction of young children with their environment and their peers greatly influence their learning and development (Theories of Child Development and Learning, n.d., par.6). According to this theory, it is thus important that physical environment and curriculum must be given importance and utmost groundwork. Thus in the vision, mission and philosophy, it has been reiterated that the best classroom environment and curriculum must be provided as fundamentals for excellent education. The stated vision, mission and philosophy were founded on my belief that education is the foundation of a child’s learning and intellectual growth. Thus, teachers must be capable of the expertise when instilling values and learning to children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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