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The Perestroika Deception - Research Paper Example

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PERESTROIKA DECEPTION by Anatoliy Golitsyn and Christopher Story Subject or Course College Department By Name Subject Adviser Date Introduction Who would ever forget the classic movie, “Dr. Zhivago”? The movie had beautiful scenes shot in Russia and its running plot depicts a multi-romance relationships of Dr…
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The Perestroika Deception
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The Perestroika Deception

Download file to see previous pages... “It is also the world’s largest country in terms of area, described to be nearly twice the size of the United States. 1 It has also the biggest nuclear arsenals in the world. The Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Accident in 1986 is just one of its nuclear plants.2 “Its national language is Russian. Slavs account for the majority of the population.” 3 Russia is also one of those nations that had structural and ideological changes that affected the whole world. One of these radical changes is the what they call “Perestroika” from the derivative word Russian perestroika : pere-, around, again (from Old Russian) + stroika, construction (from stroit', to build , from Old Russian stroiti , from stroji, order)3 . Comes with Perestroika is the word “ Glasnost” which means “openness”. 4 “In communist regimes crises are usually hidden from the outside world; because of the absence of democratic processes and the suppression of internal opposition, popular political, social, and economic discontents accumulate and threaten to develop into serious upheavals or revolts of the entire population against the system as a whole.” 5 There are lots of questions and debates which remain unanswered about Perestroika. For example, the “Perestroika Deception” is like an opened pandora’s box by Anatoliy Golitsyn who warns of an imminent threat from communist community which strategizes to bring all countries (communist and non-communist countries) into One-World Order of Communism? or is it just a political structural policy to shape domestic issues? Did Russia actually benefit from it or not? These are just some questions which this paper would like to try to gather and present some answers. 1 “Moscow-Rich in Russia- Facts & Stats”, Oct. 2003. Frontline World. Available from http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/moscow/facts.html 2 “ Russian History Timeline. History Timelines. [database online], n.d. http://www.history-timelines.org.uk/places-timelines/36-russian-history-timeline.htm 3 “Perestroika’s Root Word”, American Heritage Dictionary, http://www.answers.com/topic/perestroika ( accessed April 01,2011) 4 “Glasnost”, Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, http://www.answers.com/topic/glasnost (accessed April, 03, 2011) 5 Anatoliy Golitsyn, New Lies For Old:The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation http://www.spiritoftruth.org/newlies4old.pdf (accessed April 03, 2011) Thesis Statement The centerpiece of this paper is “Perestroika”. However, Perestroika is being presented from two points of view. The first point of view would come from the point of view of a Western critic as he perceives it from what Mikhail Gorbachev would like people to perceive. The second point of view is a radical twist from what it is being showcased to the world as revealed by a high KGB official and defector in the person of Anatoliy Golitsyn. He claims that Perestroika is a huge deception of the communist bloc and is just part of a bigger grand strategy of the World Communist community intended to defeat existing countries with the ideologies of democracy. This paper seeks to present in a logical and chronological manner how events have build up from its roots up to how it was uncovered. This paper intends to present the following: one is, to reveal the real issues about Perestroika as showcased to the world against its part of deception; second, is to identify and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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