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Confucius Biography - Research Paper Example

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Confucius Biography Confucius Biography Confucius is known to have born before Christ around 551 B.C. in Tuo, China. The most authentic commentary of Confucius’s life is presented in the Records of the Historian by Ssu-ma Ch'ien who is said to have lived between 145 B.C.E…
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Confucius Biography
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Extract of sample "Confucius Biography"

Download file to see previous pages His father was commander and died three years after the birth of Confucius. Nevertheless, Confucius got a good education and married at the age of 19. He also became a father of one son and two daughters. (Confucius Biography) Early Occupations During his youth he had to learn so many skills because fortunes of his family had declined. Confucius belonged to the aristocratic family then known as the shih. Confucius in his first occupation is said to have worked as keeper of the Lu granary. After working as a keeper in the market, he worked as a farm worker taking care of farm animals. He also gave his services to the governor of his district. Through his politeness, fairness and love for learning he quickly earned a good reputation for himself. His mother died in 527 B.C.E and then he involved himself in his most beloved pursuit of teaching. It was the period of zhou (Chou) dynasty when moral values prevailed at its nadir. Confucius criticized the disorder and deplored the moral standards prevailed within the society. (Ann-ping) When he was 35, ruler Duke Zhao of Lu initiated a war; however, he shifted himself to the neighboring country of Qi. Duke Zhao continued to take his advice but due to opposition of one of his council minister he refused to grant him the land and also stopped taking his advice. (Kotelnikov, Vadim) Teacher He firmly believed that old precepts of the sages can bring back the people to the high moral standards. His fame and name spread across the masses. Confucius became famous in Lu because he made sayings which were full of wisdom. People learned through his teachings. He also helped and advised the emperor on effective and fruitful ruling. He also came into contact with Lao Tzu; however, Lao criticized him for his arrogance. His course or lessons used to be mainly history, music, and poetry. He spent his lot of time on developing the ideas regarding the art of government. Gradually, he acquired a large following. Though many of his followers returned to Lu and continued accepting the positions with the Chi clan. It is construed that because of these followers he was invited to Lu. (Kotelnikov, Vadim) Effective Administrator When he was 50, the Baron of Qi approached him and sought his help against a rebellion but he refused to comply. New Duke of Lu then made him a city magistrate. The city prospered under his governance and he got promoted several times and finally became a Grand Secretary of justice and then at the age of 56, became chief minister of Lu. He was quite successful in his administration, introduced the reforms and dispensed the justice quickly. As a result, crimes were almost eliminated. (Kotelnikov, Vadim) Neighboring countries started worrying that Lu would become much powerful. They distracted the duke by sending gifts and dancers. On duke's improper behavior, Confucius resigned and left the country. (Kotelnikov, Vadim) A Great Traveler Confucius visited nearby states and travelled a lot in the hope that some other ruler would take his heed and undertake measures of reform; however, all his efforts went in vain. Confucius wandered China with his disciples for 5 years and realized that his presence is not well tolerated. Once he was arrested and put into jail for five days. He was also pursued into the countryside by a group of soldiers arranged by jealous nobles; however, he was rescued by the king of a neighboring country. A Political Leader His great emphasis is said to be on political ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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