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Discussing Julianne Moore's and Dennis Haysbert role in the movie Far from heaven. Which Frame of Reference is most applicable t - Research Paper Example

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Three issues I want to discuss include 1) comparing the different frames of reference (and choosing one); the American cultural media of the movie industry helps us deal with racism in positive ways; and black racism is persistent. The Frames Before deciding on which one of the four frames explaining racism I would like to use in my treatment of Far From Heaven, a general review should be taken to present certain similarities in the four positions and then to clarify what is different…
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Discussing Julianne Moores and Dennis Haysbert role in the movie Far from heaven. Which Frame of Reference is most applicable t
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"Discussing Julianne Moore's and Dennis Haysbert role in the movie Far from heaven. Which Frame of Reference is most applicable t"

Download file to see previous pages This is, then, a positive model. Were not certain facts about black existence in America so true and persistent, this model should help all resolve all consciousness of the responsibility of African Americans as citizens of the United States. But African Americans still remain at the bottom poll receiving American resources. Under the current economic crisis, black employment remains among the highest, and black education scores are still the lowest in the nation. Such evidence demonstrates that either something is not working or things are being done. One other solution, that nothing can be done, will be developed in the conclusion. The other three frames are not so hopeful. To an extent at least they are realistic, accepting the reality if there has been any advance in racial relations in the United States, it has indeed been very slow. They accept the view that elementary sticklers of racism remain. There is no advance for the black poor and there is continual racism for those who have obtained middle-class. The Colonial Model reflects the views of such as Frantz Fanon by seeing African Americans as forming an internal colony inside America that is ruled by 'colonialist' Americans (Hansen).This view is plausible since it reflects the ideal that the basic position of African Americans has not changed. It has only changed to the extent that Fanon's solution, that of revolution, is no longer tenable (Quellel). Blacks have integrated too much in the American social and economic system to support any kind of revolution. However this brings up another factor that is not acknowledged in any of the frames and which should be there. This is that the black cultural experience in American has become necessary for the heart of the country. And it stands and continues to be one of the major percolators of that heart, just as the cultural styles of black Americans have always been replicated in some form or other worldwide. The Pluralist Melting Pot frame offers the best positive thrust of this factor, and oddly the other frames may allow it but only in a negative way. The Dominant-Subordinate Group Model stands on the principle that black inferiority has been capsulated to always exist and never be removed (Doane Jr.). Hence African Americans will always be in power struggle with the dominant position of whites. This frame helps bring realism to the fact that we have never solved the problem of black poverty nor of low black education results. The model accepts the position that there will always be conflict. But what contradicts this model, or what it stands forth to look at is the immediate future. The fact is that the United States is becoming more diversified and that other ethnic groups will also obtain positions of power. Individuals may become experts in certain fields and secondarily they are members of ethnic groups. The belief to hold is that the experts will, instead of being appreciated as members of 'ethnic groups', will become appreciated as expert members of a diversified America. The Colonial and Dominant-Subordinate Group Models then are based on conflict and upholding racial differences. Harris's Alternative Formulation also has this kind of racial or ethnic conflict tied in. To the extent that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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