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Commercial Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico - Research Paper Example

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Topic: Commercial Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico Name of student: Course: Lecturer: Date of presentation: The Gulf of Mexico is an important region in United States and the neighboring countries. The strategic geographical location and the natural resources endowments in the region offer unique opportunities and challenges to the neighboring communities…
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Commercial Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico
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Download file to see previous pages The mainland shore of the Gulf is shared by the United States and Mexico and it covers more than 4000 miles from Cabo Catoche in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to Florida Keys the US (GMP, 2011). According to GMA (2008, p5), the Gulf of Mexico covers an estimated area of about 600,000 square miles. Due to its unique location, the Gulf is rich in diverse natural resources that play a critical role in defining the economic, environmental, political and social dimensions in the region. According to GMA(2008, p2), the gulf offers aquatic resources that include recreation, navigation, commercial fishing, oil and natural gas in addition to rich habitats for diverse marine life. This paper investigates the problems associated with commercial fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and their impacts on the American culture. According to GMA(2008, p7), the five US states bordering the Gulf of Mexico have a total gross domestic product of over $2.2 trillion and much of the economic activities depend on the natural resources from the gulf. The economic contribution of the Gulf of Mexico to the United States is significant. ...
These ports provide the country with a good infrastructural network of enhancing international trade. The population growth in the gulf region has been increasing, recording 103% growth from 1970 to 2008 (GMA, 2008, p 11). The region is highly attractive to job seekers and retirees because of the availability of many opportunities and favorable climatic conditions. By 2015, Polunin (2008, p 37), predicts population increase of 10 % in the gulf region compared with an average of 7% in total population of the United States. The rapid population growth in the region has resulted to a vibrant construction industry to cater for the housing needs. According to GMA (2008, p 11), 30 percent of the leading counties in building residential houses are located in the gulf coast region. The Gulf of Mexico is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes but residential developments are on the increase. In addition to residential buildings, construction of seasonal homes is also gaining prominence in the gulf region. This is attributed to the scenic attractions that draw people from all over the country for vacations (GMP, 2011). The Gulf of Mexico is one of the largest water bodies in the world and it consists of a wide marine diversity ranging from shrimps to unexploited corals in the deep horizons of the water. Due to the wide ecological diversity of the region, many environmental activities have been established in the Gulf of Mexico. They include national parks, wildlife preservation regions and wetlands. According to GMA (2008, p13), half of all the wetlands in United States are located in the coastal areas in the gulf. The wetlands provide suitable habitats for a wide variety of biological resources including sea turtles, fisheries, nesting waterfowl in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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