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Programming languages Comparison and History - Research Paper Example

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A computer program is simply is the process of abstraction of complexity to a user from a process. The program interface makes it easy for a user to be involved into a process and achieve his desired objectives. …
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Programming languages Comparison and History
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"Programming languages Comparison and History"

Download file to see previous pages A software program either working on high dimensional vector spaces (finding Eigen vectors) or any kind of information system like airline reservation system, parcel tracking system, bar code reader, point of sale system etc. , the objective is simple “hiding the complexity”. Different approaches have been taken into account for “hiding the complexity”, i.e. abstraction on theoretical bases. These different approaches are based upon the need and view point of the analyst i.e. how he looks upon the system. Programming languages basically belong to these approaches or view points to solve the hidden problem or effectively hiding the complexity. In contrast to comparison of programming languages it is more appropriate to compare the programming paradigm. Programming paradigms include procedural languages includes c, pascal etc, object oriented programming languages C++, Java etc and scripting languages includes Python, Perl, Tcl, etc. ...
ely with the hardware; however the high level programming languages are more towards application oriented and more focused to build high level application without going into details of Hardware issues. Low level languages plays significant role while developing applications running in a closer contact with the machine and need more freedom, more power, more efficiency, and absolutely direct contact with Hardware, which of course contributed into performance betterment. Indeed, working over low level languages like machine language or assemble demands a higher level of expertise and not every programmer (of high level language) guarantee to write good code on such languages. In contrast to low level languages, high level languages are friendlier to use, they provide several machine security measures, frameworks, GUI builders etc to facilitate a programmer to only concentrate over application development issues rather than got stuck into Hardware management issues. High level languages are easy to use and almost the first choice for the scientific development since the last two decades (Bebo, 1989). In the rest of the paper, only high level languages will be discussed in details and there will be no discussion over Low and High level languages. In the following section, a summary of some major paradigms (within high level languages) is presented with some of their specific features: 1. Procedural Languages 2. Object Oriented Languages 3. Scripting Languages 4. Parallel Languages 1.2 PROCEDURAL LANGUAGES Procedural languages are commonly speaking those languages which only work upon procedural approach. This is basically the way of thinking that makes any program a procedural code. No matter which powerful platform is being used, and whatever strong object oriented ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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