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How Tai Chi Chan can improve performance in sport activities - Research Paper Example

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Name of author: How Tai Chi Chuan can improve performance in sport activities? Many of the modern martial arts were originated in China and Tai chi Chuan is one among them. Tai chi Chuan is believed to be originated in China around 5000 years before. It focuses mainly on defense mechanisms rather than offense techniques…
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How Tai Chi Chan can improve performance in sport activities
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Download file to see previous pages Sports personalities often engage in different exercises in order to strengthen their physical and mental health. For example, running, weight training etc are some of the exercises used for strengthening physical health whereas Yoga, deep breathing etc like exercises used for improving the mental health. The advantage of practicing Tai Chi Chuan for sports personalities is the fact that it can provide both physical and mental strength at the same time. It is not necessary for the sports people to practice different exercises to improve their stamina and will power, if they practice Tai Chi Chuan. In short, “Tai Chi is all about balancing and harmony” (About Tai Chi). It helps people not only as a defense mechanism, but also as an effective tool for improving physical and mental health. In short, Tai Chi originated as a martial art; however, it is currently used extensively for improving physical & mental health and also in improving the performances in sports events. Baseball, Running, Golf, tennis etc are some of the popular sports events in which Tai Chi Chuan helps the sports people. This paper analyses the positive effects of Tai Chi Chuan upon our health and its role in helping sports personalities in improving their performances. ...
The following illustrations provide a brief idea about the extent to which stress can cause physical and mental problems. (Dr. Babu) “Daily practice of Tai Chi promotes mental clarity and a healthy body, assists with balance and helps the circulation of the blood” (What is Tai Chi Chuan?). Tai Chi Chuan can reduce the stress levels of a person immensely and thus it can prevent stress related diseases up to certain extent. Deep breathing is one of the major exercises included in the tai chi exercises. Deep breathing is accepted globally as the major mechanism for stress reduction. Deep breathing helps the people to absorb more oxygen to their body which will enhance the brain activities. Enhanced brain activities will help a person to think more rationally and to eliminate the stress. Thus, the deep breathing techniques used in Tai Chi can help people to reduce their stress. Blood pressure, sugar level and cholesterol levels in the body can be adjusted to the optimum level, if Tai Chi practiced regularly. “Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion," but it might well be called "medication in motion” (World Tai Chi & Qigong Day). Tai Chi exercises can be practiced even while a person is in motion. For example, while travelling in a vehicle, the person can practice deep breathing exercises as advised by Tai Chi Chuan. Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is one of the major health problems in many countries. Even though, it is seen more often among the children, it can cause problems to the adults also. ADD prevents a person from giving attention to a particular subject for longer periods. “Tai Chi may be a wonderful adjunct therapy for treating ADD because it augments ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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