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Construction Economics - Assignment Example

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Contents Index Pages 1. Introduction 2 2. Economic activity of Government and the Construction industry 2 3. Government Intervention 6 4. Factors affecting economics of construction industry 7 5. Price Determination in Construction Industry 9 6. Allocation of Resources 10 7…
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Construction Economics
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"Construction Economics"

Download file to see previous pages These economic cycles form an important feature of a market driven economy. When the economy is booming the industrial sector achieves maximum growth and is said to be achieving its maximum potential. The total market value of all commodities and services that are provided within a country during a set financial period is defined as the country’s GDP or gross domestic product. (Best Aaron, 2007) Economic activities of the Government and the construction industry It is not always the policies followed by the government that affect economic activity. There might be several impediments happening in the international front affecting the construction industry. Recession is a key index that needs to be keeps a tab regarding the performance of an economy and how the economic activities of the government are affecting the industry as a whole. Some of these Recessions’ that the government needs to keep a tab on are (Blake et al, 2004) 1. Inventory Recession- Too much optimism regarding the future growth and potential of the market can cause an increase of production foreseeing future market prices of raw materials. This can lead to overstocking of both raw materials and finished items. However if the markets are not expanding with the same potential it leads to accumulation of stock leading to recession. 2. Rolling Recession- Due to an economic slowdown several sections of an economy are hit each to a certain degree which varies according to the nature of each sector. This dip in activity in one sector can severely hamper the prospects of another sector since all industrial processes follow close synergy of activities. Recovery in one sector might not lead to the same taking place in another sector. (Blake et al, 2004) 3. Unexpected political events, elections, wars, coups, natural and manmade disasters can also cause severe impediments in economic activity. 4. Wrong Government Policies- Every government follows a monetary and fiscal policy that it deems is best suited for that country. However mistakes on this front cause the government in incorrect borrowing and lending of money. This leads to extremely large fiscal deficit making the economy severely handicapped.( Verick Sher and Islam Iyanatul, 2010) 5. All banks operating in the public and private domain are assessed and regulated by institutions under the government. Inefficiency of these institutions leads to banks lending without assessing the paying capacity of customers. This can cause huge liability to the banks if the loans are not fully recovered. Instability in banks leads to capital shortage for industrial and construction development. 6. The vagaries of oil production in the OPEC countries can cause fuel price to shoot up severely. These activities directly affect the cost of construction raw materials since a large part of construction activity deals with transportation of raw materials to site. This therefore adversely affects all construction related activities. 7. Seasonal variations are inevitable and are beyond the realm of government control since there would be months during a financial periods which experiences hectic activity usually during festival seasons followed by moths of dullness. This can cause seasonal variations in economic cycles. However, how much of this dip would affect the general economy of a country depends on the policies followed by the government and the robustness of the industrial sector at that given point of time. (Blake et al, 20 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Construction Economics
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...Hazard Involved During the Excavation Process Job Location: Actual construction site Analyst: May 13, Job Description: Every building requires exaction before the foundation and the walls are built. Exaction of trenches and basements exposes the workers to severe risks. Hazard Description: after excavating, the soil and rocks become loose, and the can collapse at any time. If the trenches are not supported, the workers working in the trenches face the risk of being buried or being injured. One cubic meter of soil can weigh up to 1.5 tonnes and thus collapsing of trenches and basements is a major risk (Davies and Tomasin 53). In large projects, exaction works are done by machinery. Workers working in the trenches and basements may...
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...?Economics When I took vows as a president of USA, the nation was facing consequential global challenges. 18 out of the 20 initial public offerings took place out of the country. The country was undergoing its worst crisis. The unemployment level was expected to reach 9 percent, which was presently at 7.6 percent, the highest in the last 16 years. The disappearing jobs and the devaluation in the home prices had compelled the consumers to cut down on their costs which adversely affected the labor market as the business laid off their workers to reduce costs, eventually making the country enter into a vicious downward cycle. (Anderson and Cavangh, 2004)  The unemployment rate accelerated from 9.7 percent to 9.8 per cent in September...
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.... Many economic theories have been put forward to explain these five patterns like the business cycle approach (Barras, 1994; Key et al, 1994), based on accelerator principle. The two major factors affecting property development cycles are exogenous occupier demand for space and pro cyclical exogenous availability of finance according to this approach. However, this approach does not account for the construction completion lags .Further there can be causalities from development cycles to economic activity also. Hence the building lag model developed by Baras(1983,1994) tries to produce an endogenous mechanism to explain development cycles. Here, the lag between demand and supply together with the...
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