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Issues of virtualisation and their impact on computing approaches - Dissertation Example

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Issues of virtualisation and their impact on computing approaches
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Extract of sample "Issues of virtualisation and their impact on computing approaches"

Download file to see previous pages An investigation of the key characteristics of the implementation of virtualisation and its usefulness for future computation Amrik Singh Samra BSc. ...
anagement platform 19 Figure 4: Virtual machine structures (Type I on left, Type II on right) 19 Figure 5: Functions and responsibilities of the VMM 20 Figure 6: The protection rings in the x86 architecture 23 Figure 7: Diagrammatic representation of paravirtualization 28 Figure 8: Illustration of seamless virtualisation in VirtualBox 30 List of tables Table 1: Table of Risks 11 Table 2: Types of VM emulators, their key features and examples 20 Table 3: Levels of abstraction involved in virtualisation technologies 21 Table 4: Key advantages and drawbacks for each level of abstraction 21 Table 5: Comparison of virtualisation types in terms of performance and flexibility 29 Application virtualisation – “The process of running software from a remote server” (EC-Council, 2010) Break out attack – “A situation in which criminals will escape from a virtual machine designed for guests in order to launch attacks against the hypervisor, allowing them to gain control over the host” (Esforsys, 2009c). High Performance Computing (HPC) – The use of parallel processing for running advanced programs quickly, efficiently and reliably Hypervisor – This is like the kernel or core of a virtualisation platform, also called the Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) with access to the host’s physical hardware (VirtualisationAdmin, 2008). Network virtualisation – “A method of combining the available resources in a network by splitting up the available bandwidth into channels to particular servers or devices in real time” (EC-Council, 2010) Privileged Software Nucleus (PSN) - A miniature resident program in the operating system similar to a kernel (Exforsys, 2009) Run-Time System (RTS) – A piece of software designed to support the execution of a program Sandbox – The secure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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