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Evolution and Extraterrestrial life - Research Paper Example

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Professor Name: Date: Evolution and Extraterrestrial Life The present study looks for tracing the origin of life in the light of the theories articulated regarding the extraterrestrial life in different heavenly bodies other than the earth, which appears to be very close to reality and has been explored by the philosophers, theorists and scientists since the ancient times even…
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Evolution and Extraterrestrial life
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Download file to see previous pages The same has been explored and advocated by the supporting theorists of extraterrestrial notion. Evolution has always been a subject of great curiosity for naturalists, astronomers, physicists and social scientists since the known history of the world. The biologists, sociologists, psychologists, theologians, archaeologists and historians have presented dissimilar conceptions, theoretical frameworks and notions, controversial to one another, regarding the beginning of life and evolutionary process, on the basis of their religious and cultural beliefs on the one hand, and in the light of their observations, studies and researches on the other. Thus, hundreds of theories have been articulated and researches have been conducted in order to discover the origin of life in the universe. Theologians belonging to the Abrahamic faiths maintain similarity in respect of determining the origin of life, and narrate almost the same account i.e. ...
from their Holy Scriptures in order to define the creation of the universe, they refute all theoretical frameworks contradictory to their belief system(s). Surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of the scientists, presenting contradictory evolution theories, belongs to these three faiths including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The same is applied to the extraterrestrial life and evolution. The theorists rightly claim the certain possibility of the existence of life beyond this tiny planet of earth; the justification of their hypothesis is based upon the vastness of the infinite universe, where it is not possible that only one small planet consists of life out of such a vast and mighty universe. Hence, extraterrestrial life, according to the scientists, would also have experienced the similar evolutionary process as countless earthly species have observed. Renowned philosopher of ancient Greece Anaxagoras (488?--428 B.C.) articulated the Panspermia Theory in 5th century B.C., which suggests that there are certain signs of life in every part of the universe, and hence different creatures live in all celestial bodies in the form of similar spores. These spores or life seeds originate in space and then that life is seeded onto various planets. Scientists search for these spores in other heavenly bodies by examining meteors landing on Earth and by outer space missions. ( Similarly, the ancient Greek materialist philosopher Democritus (460-370 B.C.) maintained that the world was composed of an infinite number of uncaused and eternal atoms moving randomly in a void. The spontaneous generation of life from water and slime was held to occur as a result of an accidental meeting of atoms of moist earth with atoms of fire. (Hoyle & Wickramasinghe, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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