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Cloud computing - Research Paper Example

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Cloud Computing Name of the Author Name of the University Date Abstract The advent of computers has created new opportunities for businesses as they can offer their products and services on the web. The traditional form of computing proves to be inefficient since its limited scale cannot cater the increasing demands of the customers…
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Cloud computing
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Extract of sample "Cloud computing"

Download file to see previous pages Cloud computing facilitates the dynamic attainment of computing units that can be released when the need ceases to exist. Such services prove to cut IT expenses for organizations and facilitate the business of individuals who do not have huge funds. 1. Introduction Computers have caused revolutionary changes in almost every field of life; education benefits from the concept of e-learning, businesses benefit from the invention of data centers and information management systems. All of these platforms require an effective and elaborate infrastructure to provide their clients with an uninterrupted service. This requires the individual programmers or organizations to heavily invest in the purchase, maintenance and thus administration of their infrastructure. The innovative concept of cloud computing saves such costs and provides an effective approach to manage the computing needs. Cloud computing is a new and evolving domain of the field of computers that has gained much acceptance in a very short span of time. Reference [1] defined cloud computing as a platform as well as a type of an application. This innovative concept offers the dynamic availability of servers, virtual CPUs, networks, software applications etc. There are broadly three types of cloud computing services; Platform as a Service (PaaS): Reference [2] stated that the platforms are used by developers to run applications or develop new ones. It dynamically offers all the components like (operating systems, server hardware) that would be needed for such execution or development. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): This service offers the availability of servers, networks, virtual CPUs, storage to fulfill the computing needs of the client. Software as a Service (SaaS): Reference [3]; the traditional use of software required the installation on a system but the innovative techniques of cloud computing do not possess any such prerequisite. The users can attain the operation rights to the software without any prior installation since the software runs on the data centers of the cloud computing service providers. All of these services are providing the levels of convenience and ease that have never been offered before. Reference [4] explained that organizations do not have to spend hefty amounts on the establishment of the infrastructure since all the computing needs are only a few clicks away. Reference [5] stated that the computing power that is acquired, with respect to some need, can be released when the need ceases to exist. The paper discusses the main characteristics of cloud computing that have gained fame for the respective technology. Section 2 discusses the traditional form of computing; alongside its limitations and constraints that make it inefficient to cater the growing needs of the modern times. Section 3 discusses the level of its success and predicted revenues for the future. It also discusses the main characteristics of cloud computing services that have overcome the limitations of the traditional form of computing. Section 4 involves a brief analysis of the merits and demerits of the technology. Section 5 discusses the top vendors in the industry that provide these web services. Section 6 concludes the report with an accumulation of the research findings. 2. Traditional data centers The traditional form of computing involved minimal level of scalability, due to which, investments had to be made to increase the volume ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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