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Electric Cooperatives: iPower the Future (Name) (Institution) 919 words Electric Cooperatives: iPower the Future When we think of electric cooperatives, of course, one of the first thing, maybe the only thing that comes to our mind is electricity. To most of us, electric cooperatives are one of the most vital institutions to the functioning of modern society, given that the electricity that they produce has already been a very important part of everything we do…
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Electric Cooperatives: ipower the Future
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"Electric Cooperatives: ipower the Future"

Without electricity, the activities of modern man cannot be made possible, and without those electric cooperatives, electricity would never set foot right on our respective homes. However, there are much more about electric cooperatives that we do not know; in fact, providing electricity to every household is only one of the many other functions that electric cooperatives do. Take for instance devotion to consumers; not many of us know that devotion to the consumers that electric cooperatives serve actually is a big component of the service that they get. This is because of the fact that cooperatives are actually owned by the community. Unlike other suppliers of electricity, the operation of electric cooperatives are not dependent on making profit for its owners, but on a devotion to serve the community who owns it and runs it themselves. To put it simply, every time an electric cooperative actually delivers electricity to its consumers, the main thrust is not to make the whole operation generate income for the investors who owns it; on the contrary, the main thrusts of electric cooperatives is how to give the best services to the community, given that it is the community itself that owns the electric cooperative and runs it. ...
Never can you see any other company that provides you utility services who are willing to extend financial help, especially when having difficulties paying your bills. Let’s take your gasoline company as an example. It is true that gasoline companies also claims to bring you the best services that you can get; however, when you are in dire need of financial help, surely, your gasoline company cannot help you on that matter, which is definitely outside of your business partnerships. However, electric cooperatives, being owned and ran by the community, does not only involve itself in providing electricity for the community, but also cares for the overall welfare of each of its members, even up to providing loans for financially-needy members. Giving such kind of assistance surely makes sense, for the financial health if each member of the electric cooperative would also mean better financial health for those who run the electric cooperative itself, which is the community. Electric cooperatives also care not only on ensuring that you will be provided the electricity that you need for your everyday activities, but also on ensuring that your home efficiently uses electricity without any wastes. In order to achieve that, electric cooperatives are actually providing its members efficiency upgrades for their homes, for them to consume electricity more efficiently, significantly reducing their electric bills. This would not be the case when you are engaged with a profit-oriented firm, for the more bills that you will have to pay would actually translate to more profits for the company. However, electric cooperatives, being more concerned with the welfare of the community, views it as a positive thing when Read More
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