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BusinessMGT Unit1 - Assignment Example

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Business Management Unit 1 Part 1 Date Abstract Given that one is a recruitment manager, requested by the vice president of the services division to present a job description for a manager of the services division, the essay aims to present details of the description of the types of characteristics and experience needed from the potential candidate…
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BusinessMGT Unit1
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"BusinessMGT Unit1"

Download file to see previous pages Business Management Unit 1: Part 1 Introduction The function of job organization and information is a crucial offshoot of the organization structure that effectively delineates the different departments, divisions, sections and units in the light of the organization’s philosophy, resources and needs. A job description details the content of the job, specifically the nature of the job, the person the worker is responsible to, accountabilities, competencies and skills requirements, among others (Martires, 2004, 108). Given that the vice president for services requires a detailed presentation of the job description of a manager to be recruited for the services division, the essay hereby details the requirement. Job Description o a Manager of the Services Division Position: Manager, Services Division, assists the Vice President in the performance of management services functions and understands the organization’s practices and competently delivers outputs consistent with functions expected of a manager. Characteristics and Experience Required: 1. Must be at least a Master’s Degree in Business Administration preferably with strong service background; with at least 3 years experience in a Service oriented organization. 2. With good moral character and exhibiting exemplary conceptual, communication, effectiveness, and interpersonal skills. 3. Must have knowledge of theories, principles and practices of managing a service organization with than 3 years experience in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling a new service department to provide excellent customer service. 4. Must have the ability to manage projects and programs by designing an interplay of activities consistent with the maintenance of a conducive working environment for the service personnel; must motivate subordinates towards the accomplishment of goals; must effectively coordinate requirements of various stakeholders and to recommend alternative courses of action to authorized higher management personnel for required decisions making processes. 5. Must be mature and dependable in all situations, aggressive with sincere desire further one’s professional career in the organization; flexible in working under different working conditions; possesses the highest degree of integrity and discipline and resourceful in undertaking assignments and projects, as necessary. Duties and Responsibilities 1. Directs and manages the service department into the development of strategies towards the accomplishment of plans, objectives and goals pursuant to policies and procedures; actively develops schedules, budgets, proposals and plans to comply with required programs; assigned duties, tasks and responsibilities of personnel; performs performance appraisals and evaluation of personnel; monitors the compliance to programs and the level of accomplishments of projects as planned; coordinates all activities with external agencies; prepares business continuity and emergency plans and procedures; reviews required documentary reports and advises senior management, as required; actively involved in problem-solving, troubleshooting, conflict resolution and decision-making, as needed. 2. Coordinates with various stakeholders in terms of activities of the new department in terms of utilization of resources and the need to use funds, as proposed. 3. Reviews and updates policies, procedures and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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