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Structural PEST Analysis for Austin, Texas ENVIRONMENTAL Analysis for Austin Demographics and Topography Austin is located at N 30.29804 and W -97.74738 (Topo Maps, 2011). According to the 2000 official census of the United Sates, there are a total of 656562 people in Austin out of which 337569 (51.41%) are males and 318993 (48.59%) are females…
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PEST analysis Environmental
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Structural PEST Analysis for Austin, Texas ENVIRONMENTAL Analysis for Austin Demographics and Topography Austin is located at N 30.29804 and W -97.74738 (Topo Maps, 2011). According to the 2000 official census of the United Sates, there are a total of 656562 people in Austin out of which 337569 (51.41%) are males and 318993 (48.59%) are females. Children under 20 years form 26.48% of the population whereas those from 20 to 59 form 64.54% of the population. People above 60 years form 8.98% of the population of Austin. The population-age ratio means Austin has a very active population because a lot of her citizens are within the ages 20 to 59. This makes Austin investor friendly. The city is in a position to provide the needed human capital and resource for all forms business venture. Pollution The city is governed with general Environmental Laws that are in force in the United States. Some of these environmental laws include: Clean Air Act (1970), Clean Water Act (1972), Endangered Species Act (1973), Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (1938),Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (1947), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (1976), Safe Drinking Water Act (1974) and Toxic Substances Control Act (1976) (credit: NRDC, 2011). As part of the environmental protection strategies, there are laws in place that prohibits noise pollution such as “any horn, player piano, radio, phonograph or other loud-speaking or noise-making device or attachment on the public sidewalks, streets and other public places within the city before the hour of 7:00 a.m. or after the hour of 10:30 p.m.” However, law on noise does not apply to people with permit to operate. (NPC Law Library.) Environmental Law Enforcement As part measures to ensure that the laws listed above are adhered to, city authorities apply market-based approach and incentives on law breakers. These come in the form of Marketable permit systems; Emission taxes, fees, and charges; Subsidies; and Tax-subsidy combinations (NCEE/US/EPA, 2011). With these enforcement procedures in place, both natives and investors are assured of the protection of the environment. Waste Management and Recycling Waste management is done by both governmental private agencies. Waste management companies ensure trash removal, garbage collection and recycling, wastewater solutions, waste management jobs and waste management utilities. Most components of waste gathered are channeled back into production through recycling activities that are undertaken by both governmental and private companies. There is also a city recycling business in place. However, there are a number of private recycling companies. The agencies undertake services in both hazardous and non-hazardous substances. Tax The total tax rate of Austin ranged from 0.267000 - 1.368900 as of 2009. (Window on Government State, 2011 ) Though in other cities like Las Vegas there is ‘no tax’ system in place, these taxes are very minimal and does not pose financial threat to investors, tourists and other occupants of the cities. Fair Trade There is a fair-trade coalition in place that fights for fairness in business trade. This is in the wake of labor agitations and cry for fairness in trade. Before the introduction of the fair trade coalition, business owners most often than not took to the street in protest and demonstrations, complaining of unfair trade terms between authorities and businesses. This fair trade coalition has come to put all these to rest. Tourism Opportunities Tourism opportunities exist in areas such as parks and gardens, wildlife, museums and live music. Austin’s tourism opportunities open the city up to the whole world as tourists and other travelers can be assured of excellent hospitable reception once they travel to Austin. The tourism industry in Austin can be tapped and well harnessed into mainstream business venture to serve as a back-up for the already booming real estate and energy business openings that exist in the city. Weather The average high and low temperature for Austin is 60°F and 40°F respectively for January and 95F and 73F respectively for July. The annual precipitation level is 34inches (CLR Search, 2010). The city has taken good advantage of its weather condition and channeled it into boosting the energy industry where by energy companies produce energy from sources such as wind, sun, biomass and water Risk and Hazard Though Austin is prone to natural disasters such as flood, hurricane and landslide, it was adjudged in 2008 by the US Cities Sustainability Ranking to be the lowest natural disaster risk cities in the US (City Sustainability Ranking, 2008). REFERENCE Austin City Connection (2011), All About Austin, retrieved 10th February, 2011 from CLR Search (2010) Austin Weather, Pollution, Natural Disaster Indexes. Retrieved 9th February 2011 from Kotter, J. and Schlesinger, L. (1991) Choosing strategies for change, Harvard Business Review, pp.24-29. NCEE/US/EPA (2011), Economic Incentives, retrieved 10th February, 2011 from NPC Law Library, Austin, Texas Noise Ordinance. Retrieved 10th February, 2011 from NRDC (Natural Resources Defence Council), (2011), US Environmental Laws and Treaties. retrieved 9th February, 2011 from Open Energy Info (2011), Austin, Texas Energy Resources. Retrieved 10th February 2011 from,_Texas Topo Maps (2011), USGS Austin East Quad, Texas, Topographic Map. Retrieved 10th February 2011 from US City Sustainability Ranking (2008), Lowest Natural Disaster Risk. Retrieved 9th February 2011 from Window on Government State (2011), Property Tax Rate and Taxes. Retrieved 8th February 2011 from Read More
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