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The Emotionally Healthy Church - Book Report/Review Example

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The Emotionally Healthy Church Even though the church is a spiritual entity, it is important not to forget that members of the church are also humans like any one else. Being human being means that they would certainly have their fallibility. This is why the leader of the church, not just members, really needs to live in such a way that will not in any way portent any threat to the body of Christ…
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The Emotionally Healthy Church
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Download file to see previous pages As the church confronts the rapid and complex transformations that are ushering Western society into the twenty first century, many established churches and ministry organizations find themselves teetering between ineffectiveness and extinction. The reality is that they must change to meet the present and upcoming generation, and they must do so quickly. But the problem is that many lay leaders and pastors don’t know how to guide their churches into the kind of change that their churches more relevant and effective (Anderson, 1992, p.254). The opinion of Scazzero is that the church has placed a whole lot of importance on “crossing the line.” He makes mention of conversion and being born again as the ways to start the Christian life. All these, of course, mean that one has made a decision to follow Christ and all that is Christ’s. The point the author makes is that one cannot (claim to) be a Christian if one does not have a personal conviction. It is not the case that feigns to have a new life—a life that is full of the goodness of Christ, all one does is done in accordance to the ordinances of our Lord and master, Jesus Christ. However, many times, the truth is that some of the people that claim to be Christians are only Christ-like on the surface. When a deep search is done on their inside is carried out, it is most times discovered that their ‘holy’ lifestyle is but a facade. For most people, there are still certain parts of themselves that remain untouched, no matter how much sermon is preached. “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” (The Bible KJV Gal. 5:9). However, “God wants to share every area of your life, each and every day of your life. He longs to walk with you and talk with you” (Martins, 1996, p.19). These aspects of their lives that are yet to get touched by the word of God ultimately have negative effects on other members of the body of Christ. What can be obtained is that there is a “…conversion and reduction of the people in those parts unto the true worship of God and the Christian Religion” (Federer, 1994, pp. 625-626). As Christians, we believe that Christ is always present in the gathering of believers (even though He is not seen). A new meaning is given to this by Pete Scazzero. It is not as though he disagrees with the belief in the ‘unseen one’, what he just does is that he brings a relatively new dimension to our comprehension of the ever present one that is unseen. It has to do with how the people we come in touch with can be influenced by one’s lifestyle, actions and inactions. Even in the church, the role of the leaders cannot be underestimated. As Aristotle said: Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts (Pegues & Temple, 2010, p.13) The pastor must be able to balance the different abilities they have. Arrien (1993) divides these abilities into four interlinked categories: Warrior (availability), Healer (compassion), Visionary (genuineness), and Teacher (separateness). The people the leader comes in contact with are easily influenced by their lifestyle. The leadership abilities of leaders will automatically have impacts on the followers. For instance, if a leader has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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