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Legalization of Marijuana - Research Paper Example

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Instructor name Date Legalization of Marijuana Introduction The teenage years are the time period when people transition from naive children to socially knowledgeable adults. During this part of life, most persons have feelings of insecurity because they are developing at a swift pace both physically and psychologically…
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Legalization of Marijuana
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"Legalization of Marijuana"

Download file to see previous pages Teenagers are naturally inquisitive, one of the justifications given for this age group experimenting with drugs. They also are inclined to become bored easily and experience recurrent emotional highs and lows, all probable factors in teenage marijuana use. Drug use increases the chance that teenagers will contract a social disease, become pregnant, perform inadequately in school and attempt suicide as this paper will examine. State and Support Three Claims Adolescents are in a more vulnerable life circumstance than are adults because teens are still developing in every facet of their lives. Regrettably, it is this same group that has the most access to marijuana as schools have become prolific illegal drug stores. Statistics collected by the National Institute on Drug Abuse demonstrate that schoolchildren have easy access to drugs and alcohol. “The average age of first alcohol use is 12 and the average age of first drug use is 13. Almost two-thirds of all American young people try illicit drugs before they finish high school” (Anderson, 1996) The relationship between illegal drug use among teens and an increased occurrence of sexual activity is a broadly accepted reality by both researchers and the general public. Many studies have time and again demonstrated an association between unsafe sexual behavior and illegal drug use by teenagers. Drug users are more prone to take risks than do teens that don’t use drugs. This may be an obvious assertion but a tendency to take unnecessary chances with their health combined with a lowering of inhibitions while on drugs and the inherent need of all teens to feel accepted by their peer group leads to increased sexual activity. This problematic circumstance also enhances the chance of teens having multiple sexual partners, having sex at an earlier age and decreases the odds that they will utilize contraception than those that do not use marijuana. “Teens 15 and older who use drugs are five times more likely to have sex than are those teens who do not use drugs and teens who have used marijuana are four times more likely to have been pregnant or to have gotten someone pregnant than teens who have never smoked pot” (The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, 1997). Teenagers are more emotionally unstable younger children and adults which explains the higher suicide rate among that age group. A study involving teenagers found that of those who attempted suicide, illegal drug abuse was the most often shared aspect of their lives. Of the teens that committed suicide, 70 per cent were regular users of illegal drugs and/or alcohol. However, this study and current research reveal that drug use alone may not instigate suicide just that drug use and teen suicide is statically related. Teens who experience emotional troubles to a higher degree than their classmates have an even greater likelihood of considering suicide and to use illegal drugs. Additionally drugs could magnify a pre-existing emotional condition and “may impair the judgment of teens considering suicide, making suicide attempts more likely” (Shaffer et al, 1996). Discussing Arguments: Dialogue The majority and probably all countries of the world face the steady trafficking of illegal drugs across their borders. Countries are increasingly realizing that the illegal importation of drugs, a criminal act, generally involves people of foreign origin, is ultimately more harmful to society than is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Legalization of Marijuana
The same way, something as vile and seemingly useless as cow dung is employed as a fertilizer, which is extremely useful in improving crop yield and soil fertility. This shows that if one is able to look past the negative characteristics of a substance, they can find several positive characteristics in it, which can then be used to their advantage.
4 Pages(1000 words)Research Paper
Legalization of marijuana in US
This essay has put forward the argument that marijuana should be legalized and has provided a handful of reasons explaining why the thus product should be decriminalized and made readily available to the general public. The arguments for the legalization of marijuana include the argument that liberty is a virtue which should be promoted by governments, the criminalization of marijuana infringes upon liberty.
14 Pages(3500 words)Research Paper
Legalization of marijuana
The American governments have several law enforcement agencies mandated with the ensuring that the society is free from such drugs as cannabis. However, discussions on the need to decriminalize marijuana
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
Drugs: Legalization of Marijuana
The topic about drugs is one of the major political issues in the United States today. This has been particularly in relation to marijuana use; whether to illegalize or legalize the use of marijuana in the country. Of course, in this critical debate there exist both the supporters and opponents of the legalization courses of the drug.
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
Marijuana legalization
Legalization of the drug is based on its impact to the society and individual health. States such as Colorado have already legalized marijuana and started feeling the impacts. Legalization of marijuana leads to both positive and negative consequences. The sale of legal
3 Pages(750 words)Research Paper
Legalization of Marijuana
Marijuana is a drug that has an intoxicating effect. Smoking dried leaves and flowering tops of the pistillate hemp plant initiates the intoxication effect. In several instances, marijuana consumption helps in reduction of pain and the related condition. Marijuana consumption is currently illegal in several countries, including the United States.
7 Pages(1750 words)Research Paper
Legalization Of Marijuana
As a result of research it was suggested that as with alcohol and tobacco, every adult American should have the right either to consume marijuana or not to consume it. The right policy, in my opinion, is to legalize marijuana while using regulation and taxation to check irresponsible consumption and behavior.
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
Legalization of marijuana
Somehow, the government has failed to realize that there is a huge untapped market for employment and tax revenue in the Marijuana growth and sales industry. The naysayers believe that Marijuana should never be declared a legal substance because of its addictive effects.
7 Pages(1750 words)Research Paper
Legalization of Marijuana
It has been recommended, and in some cases verified, that legalizing or at least decriminalizing less dangerous drugs, such as marijuana, can help decrease violence, significantly reduce the numbers of people imprisoned for drug use, allow more people to remain a member of society and free up money and manpower in the fight against more harmful drugs.
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
Legalization of Marijuana Paper
The judgments on Marijuana throughout the 70’s were much more perfect than it is now. The support of Marijuana by 27 states, new therapeutic studies, and its results show that it is an illegal drug in the world. Therefore, the United States of America is planning to reorganize its legalization in the matter.
7 Pages(1750 words)Research Paper
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