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HIV/AIDS African American Population Literature Review HIV is the first stage of the AIDS virus. HIV and AIDS is a deadly virus that affects much of the U.S. population. Among those affected is the African American population. Why the virus is such a huge problem in the African American race is unknown…
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Download file to see previous pages It is important to research the virus and become familiar with the results in order to develop a project that can be successful in lowering the affects HIV/AIDS has on the African American culture. Recent medical advances have allowed for the use of a drug labeled HARRT. This drug is known as highly-active antiretroviral therapy. The drug helps to reduce death associated with the virus and improve the patient outcome after therapy. (Oramasionwu C U 2009) Although the drug may be successful, it is not a cure for the virus and the virus remains contagious. The virus is so highly contagious that is affects many African Americans each year. It was the leading cause of death of African American women between the ages of 25 and 34 in the last decade and during the year 2004 (Prather et al 2006, Rose et al 2008). Results are similar for African American men between the ages of 35-44; it is the second leading cause (CDC2007). These numbers are alarming and researchers are forced to make changes. . These researchers suggest adapting cultural, structural, or even social justice approaches, to accompany medical therapies in the battle to defeat HIV/AIDS (Aral 2008, Friedman 2009, Wyatt 2009). Research is important but actively trying to stop the virus is ideal. The church is a strong foundation in the African American community. ...
romoting their educational health promotion/intervention strategy at various events, Berkley-Patton 2010 made a needs’ assessment of cooperating church leaders and possible church liaisons. They sought to establish partnerships with these faith leaders, recognizing unique and particular strengths that each could bring to the project. Receiving favorable response from the assessment, they along with the participants, were able to evolve training materials from a pre-packaged format that were user-friendly and religiously non-objectionable. Implementation involved scheduling workshop/focus groups and booster meetings that would train church liaisons to conduct education workshops on HIV/AIDs and encourage HIV screenings. A process evaluation gelled events logs and focus group meeting reports with attendance figures and comments from church members attending the events. Quantitative studies were made from pretest and posttest surveys of HIV beliefs among the church members. Cultural changes and a goal oriented project will allow African American leaders to show physical actions and make effort to prevent HIV/AIDS. Action research also seeks social justice and is based on an understanding and involvement of the participants upon which it focuses (O'Brien 1998). Researchers for a public health journal describe how it is important to understand the way the virus has affected the African American culture. (Wyatt2009, Friedmann2009) Understanding the virus’ affects on the African American culture is a good start for prevention. Research has shown that "Modesty" has been adapted by African American families. This modesty often leads to forms of indirect communication. Friedman 2009 addresses a similar theme as "propriety", reflecting the socially conservative and moralistic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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