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History - Assignment Example

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1. Read “Advice to Women: Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House” and answer the following – In Ibsen’s play, what challenges does Nora Helmer make to the prevailing view of the proper role & behavior of wives? Why is her husband so shocked? (see the box on pgs 598-599) In the time that the play A Doll’s House was written, women played a very subservient role in society…
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Download file to see previous pages In the final section, she shocks him by saying they have never had a serious conversation in the course of their whole marriage. She also declares that she has a holy duty to herself. The very idea is shocking to her husband. 2. Read “The Voice of Zionism: Theorod Herzl and the Jewish State” and answer the following – Why did Herzl believe that Palestine was necessary for Jews? How does he seek to gain the acceptance of the Turkish sultan and the Christian nations of Europe? (see the box on pg 608) The story of the creation of Israel is a powerful one. Herzl was one of the founding thinkers on this issue. He argues in this piece that anti-semitism was such a serious problem in European countries that there was no possibility it would get better. He thought Jews should give up on Europe and seek to create a new land. He even thought European governments would help them as they would be eager to see them go. He writes that the Sultan would might be willing to give them Palestine if they offered to help him look after the finances of his Empire. He also suggests that the Jews would create an outpost of civilization in the Middle East where everywhere else there was only barbarism. That idea might help to convince Europeans too. I.D. the following terms in paragraph format. Make sure you include ALL INFORMATION from the book: Do NOT just copy from the book. You must put these in your own words. (worth 10 points each) 1. caudillos Caudillos were military-style political leaders in Latin America in the 19th century. They were not democratic-minded and usually took power by force. They had a major impact on the development of these states and offered pursued expansionist policies. They often named themselves president for life and became dictators. Some examples were Rafael Carrera and Juan Manuel de Rosas. They secured gains made during the anti-colonial upheavals. Part of the reason they were able to take power was because none of these countries has any experience of governing themselves. 2. Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 This was an act of Congress that played a significant role in the development of the Civil War that would follow a few years later. At the time, the North and South of the Untied States were divided on the issue of slavery. Both Kansas and Nebraska were to be new states. Some people such as Stephen Douglas believed the resolution to the dispute between North and South was simply to let new states decide if they wanted to permit slavery or not. In a sense this was a naive idea, as northern abolitionists strongly opposed expanding slavery within the boundaries of the U.S under any circumstances. This issue would come to dominate the American political landscape in the years to come. 3. Emmeline Pankhurst, Christabel & Sylvia Emmeline was the leader of the British women's suffragette movement. She advocated for Women to have the right to vote. Some of her tactics were occasionally violent and she served prison sentences for them. Two of her daughters were Christabel and Sylvia, who took differing sides in the debate. Sylvia pursued an organizational movement and was more politically active. Christabel was the head of the women's movement and supported more militant action. All of these women made a major contribution to democracy when their actions contributed to the success of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Rapid growth of railroads, big corporations, industrialization, urbanization and growing corruption engendered by crony capitalism practices were affecting deeply previously isolated protestant “island communities” of the Gilded Age America. Suffering from the “dislocation and bewilderment” lots of Americans needed their homeland to be put in order and the cleverest of Americans were beating about for the ways to put their country in order.
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