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An Indicator of Detrimental Family Interactions - Literature review Example

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The paper describes good family relationships, especially for the extended family, these are healthy for marriages. When family members feel very close to one another, they can share emotions, propose solutions to problems and even help mediate and attain consensus in the event of a marriage dispute…
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An Indicator of Detrimental Family Interactions
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Download file to see previous pages “Grey Divorce” rates have surged up in America in recent years (Clift, 2005). According to the US Census records, the divorce rate among old couples in 1990 was 5 per cent and by 2002, it increased to 7.4 per cent which essentially means a 48 per cent increase in divorce among old couples in just 12 years (Bird, 2010). Marriage has become susceptible to breach because of the negative influence of factors both internal and external to it. Marital tension is normal among old married people. The tension can originate anywhere and can lead either or both members of a couple to any level of destruction. Social support is commonly employed as a means to pacify the tense individuals. Social support plays an important role in solving marital problems and has provided greatly improved marital satisfaction among couples conventionally. Social support is a very important tool for dealing with marital problems and often leads to positive outcomes. It is deemed good for the sustainability of marriage as well as the psychological wellbeing of the whole family (Cummings, 1998, p. 78). Owing to the noticeable usability of social support in sustaining a marriage, there has been blossoming interest in studying the role of social support in safeguarding marriages from potentially pathogenic effects of marital problems (Verhofstadt et al, 2005, p. 23). People even seek counselling when there is no proper need for it. However, it is a useful practice. One does not have to get extremely distressed in order to seek help (Goodman, 1999, p. 342). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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