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Mid-life women: Relation of age and role to personality. Compared women in 2 midlife age groups (29:39 and 40:55 yrs) and 4 - Research Paper Example

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Challenges Confronting Mid-Life Women Abstract There are different stages in life for both men and women. The age of the Mid-Life woman as a rule starts when she reaches the age of 29 and goes on until 55 years. It is a standard principle that the instant women turn up at the middle life stage they get to that point in which their competence, strength, physical condition and beauty begin to fade…
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Mid-life women: Relation of age and role to personality. Compared women in 2 midlife age groups (29:39 and 40:55 yrs) and 4
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"Mid-life women: Relation of age and role to personality. Compared women in 2 midlife age groups (29:39 and 40:55 yrs) and 4"

Download file to see previous pages This paper seeks to analyze this specific stage and relate it with the age groups, role groups, relationship to age, career and family commitments in conjunction with the personality development of what they call the fairer sex. Introduction Women go through various stages in their lives - from infancy to childhood and maturity. Each period is characterized by enthusiasm and expectation. The age of the Mid-Life woman normally begins at age 29 and lasts until she reaches 55 years. It is a popular belief that the moment women arrive at the middle life stage they reach that point wherein their efficiency, power, physical condition and beauty begin to diminish. While midlife is described as a period of crisis and readjustment, the midlife woman sees this period more of an opportunity to reinvent herself so that she can cope with the challenges of second adulthood. According to Kirchheimer (2011), research studies reveal that when people get to the so-called middle age and beyond, they are inclined to become more concerned about their responsibilities and the people in their lives but at the same time, they become less open to meeting new people. Additional inputs from the research showed that mid-life women tend to become less neurotic or fearful and extroverted. The rates of neurosis showed a declining trend with age in women but this did not happen among the males. Both sexes showed degeneration in their levels of openness but split on sociability while women became less gregarious with age. Both sexes were found to be more organized and disciplined at work when they were still in their 20s. The personality changes slowed down but did not totally stop when they reached age 30. The traits of warmth, generosity and helpfulness were also evident for both men and women during this period but diminished when they reached their forties with the women reaching a much higher overall level. However, before going further into the discourse about the relationship between the two middle life women age groups and the four role groups made up of the homemaker, married/career, single/career and re-entry student with regards to personality dimensions, it is of the essence to consider the five categories that represent the extensive areas of personality (Mcrae and Costa, 1997, pp. 52, 509-516.). These categories are as follows: Extraversion which includes excitability, sociability, talkativeness, assertiveness, and high amounts of emotional expressiveness; Agreeableness consisting of attributes such as trust, altruism, kindness, affection, and other pro-social behaviors; Conscientiousness comprised of common features like levels of thoughtfulness with good impulse control and goal-directed behaviors; Neuroticism which is made up of emotional instability, anxiety, moodiness, irritability, and sadness; and, Openness which is characterised by imagination and insight and engaging in a broad range of interests. Mid-life Women and Personality Development This treatise discusses the personality development of women in mid-life and its relationship to age, career and family commitments and seeks to elucidate all pertinent theories, issues and concerns such as the concept of generativity. Likewise, it is also imperative to take into account the two mid-life age groups of women which is from 29 to 39 years and 40 -55 years as well as the four role gro ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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