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Conflict Process - Essay Example

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Human beings are social by nature and tend to be affected by the nature of the relationships that they forge with people surrounding them. In the various associations formed, groups are created and people belonging to a specific group behave in a particular way towards members of their own group…
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Conflict Process
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Download file to see previous pages Such groups at a basic level may comprise of relationships between family members, friends and acquaintances, or colleagues at work places (interpersonal, inter-organizational or intergroup). Within the framework of such socially constructed groups, there may be disagreements between members with varying needs, objectives or beliefs, which may lead to conflicts. Within a larger framework, groups relate to regional, national or even international levels, where such conflicts if not managed well, may even lead to a full-scale war.
Conflicts are confrontations between two or more people having opposing requirements, ideals, notions, faiths, or objectives. Conflict between human beings is unavoidable and pervasive. However, the outcome not being predetermined, it can be altered to arrive at a peaceful resolution. If a conflict is kept unchecked, it can escalate to produce results that may be destructive or even non-productive. Conflict analysis and management is thus an integral part in maintaining strong and productive interpersonal relationships amongst family members, within colleagues in an organization, and even between nations. While it is difficult to exactly delineate conflict, most of existing definitions include two factors: for a conflict to occur there must be at least two groups working/interacting with each other.
, and there must be some perceived sense of an incompatibility between the groups (Kuhn & Poole, 2000). A.W. Green defined conflict as “the deliberate attempt to oppose, resist or coerce the will of another or others” (cited in, Bhattacharya, 2008, 64). Two other definitions of conflict frame it as the “the interactive process manifested in incompatibility, disagreement, or dissonance within or between social entities” (Rahim, 1992, 16), or as the “process in which one party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party" (Wall & Callister, 1995, 517). In the context, that “a conflict is life as usual” (Abigail and Cahn, 2010, 3) and hence inevitable between human relationships the process must be studied in order to control and effectively manage it and produce beneficial outcome (especially for those looking to work within organizations where working would involve teamwork) this paper will analyze the process of conflict analysis. It will examine a recent interpersonal crisis that occurred in the researcher’s life (pertaining to the divorce case between my ex-wife and me) and is especially important, as it allows me and the reader both, to comprehend whether during the entire process our confrontation went out of control, and whether in future I should seek a better route while dealing with interpersonal conflicts, in personal life or at workplace. This paper will analyze a conflict situation using various conflict theories and conflict management processes (from a Christian perspective), to derive that negotiation through effectiveness communication and mediation, anger control and forgiveness helps to achieve beneficial results for the disputants, without the members having to resort to physical violence. Discussion 1. Description of the situation Who was involved?- In any relationship when there are two or more interdependent people conflicts tend to occur when relationship rules are not adhered to and there is lack of sincere explanation to explain the rule break (Webster, MLOS561- conflict and negotiations in organizations, Slide 14). Due to the break in relationship rules, there arises incompatibility, which may lead to adverse effects on the relationship, and if the problematic situation is not handled appropriately, the entire ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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