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Does Immigration Offer More Advantage or Disadvantage for the UK - Coursework Example

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This coursework "Does Immigration Offer More Advantage or Disadvantage for the UK?" describes constraints for governments, paying taxes, the human capital, and the development of the economy. …
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Extract of sample "Does Immigration Offer More Advantage or Disadvantage for the UK"

Download file to see previous pages Economic development in any country depends on the ability of the human capital to engage in various activities meant to improve, for instance, service delivery and infrastructure development. Most of these immigrants come to the country with the intention of working hard to send money to their families back home (Elsner, 2013). This is because, the UK compared to other countries, for instance, in the developing world, provides an opportunity for the educated to earn by using their talents. Other than an emphasis on education as a driving force of economic development, the country can also exploit the entrepreneurial ability of the immigrants in the UK. While increased immigration to the country adds to social challenges such as crime and increased population, the benefits that the UK government can derive from immigrants are greater than the challenges posed by increased immigration to the countries. Such challenges can be mitigated by better policies for social problems. With the implementation of better policies, the country can tackle housing shortages and create more employment opportunities. Shortage of housing due to increased population, crime and the high unemployment rate in the country has been the major deterrent factors for the government to exploit the benefits that immigrants can bring to the UK (Elsner, 2013).
Most immigrants moving abroad are driven to seek employment opportunities in the developed world. The UK is one of the developed countries in the world where systems are functions that offer immigrants the best opportunities to advance their careers while also contributing to their countries' economic development through the money reimbursed back home. In addition, most of the immigrants hold vast skills and experience in various fields that the UK can exploit to drive development in different sectors of the economy. While there are immigrants with special skills, there are also those who can fill the gap in the blue-collar sector where most citizens are not willing to take job offers because of meager pay.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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