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What Are the Consequences of Global Warming On Wildlife - Assignment Example

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The aim of this assignment is to discuss the impact of global climate change on the habitats of animals and plants. Furthermore, the assignment will evaluate international efforts to preventing the earth from the catastrophic effects of global warming…
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What Are the Consequences of Global Warming On Wildlife
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Extract of sample "What Are the Consequences of Global Warming On Wildlife"

Download file to see previous pages It is clear that the temperature of the Earth has increased by 1°F ever since 1900 and it is increasing at such a rapid pace since 1970. This increase in the temperature of the planet is called Global Warming. Normal greenhouse gases allow only sunlight and hold back other hazardous radiations from reaching the Earth’s surface. An increase in temperature is due to the release of various gases called as greenhouse gases which encompass smokestacks, vehicles, fossil fuels, appending to the standard Earth’s greenhouse effect. Researchers have estimated that if this rise in temperature will continue it is going to have a devastating impact on climate patterns resulting in drifts, melting of glaciers and elevation in the sea level (Web. Climate changes).
Due to an increase in temperature, ecosystems are disturbed. Animals of colder habitats are suffering a lot. Studies highlight that nearly 2,000 plants and animal species are shifting their habitat towards poles with a speed of 3.8 miles per decade, while the species of alpine regions are moving vertically with a speed of 20 feet per decade. Some polar bears are dying due to drowning as with the melting of snow they have to swim greater distances to reach ice floes. Due to global warming, Bermuda’s mangrove forests are now vanishing. Animals residing in Coastal areas of California are making a move towards North. Moreover, in the last 25 years, the population of Penguins has reduced by 33 percent. Oceans are becoming more acidic because of the greater concentration of carbon dioxide is getting dissolved in ocean water. This is affecting calcium carbonate shells of animals and also affecting the coral reefs which affect the ocean ecosystem. It is predicted that if the temperature of the earth will increase by 3.6º F, 97 percent of the coral reefs would disappear (Web. “Consequences of Global Warming on Wildlife”).
Although there is a change in the climatic condition because of an increase in greenhouse gases, efforts should be in the direction to minimize the impact of these greenhouse gases by not using commodities which are responsible for the greenhouse gases. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Are the Consequences of Global Warming On Wildlife Assignment.
(What Are the Consequences of Global Warming On Wildlife Assignment)
What Are the Consequences of Global Warming On Wildlife Assignment.
“What Are the Consequences of Global Warming On Wildlife Assignment”.
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