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The Challenge Of Global Warming In World - Research Paper Example

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Global warming is a gradual warming of the planet's atmosphere resulting from the greenhouse effect that is due to high levels of carbon dioxide and other gaseous pollutants. The paper "The Challenge Of Global Warming In World" discusses various causes and impacts of global warming…
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The Challenge Of Global Warming In World
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Extract of sample "The Challenge Of Global Warming In World"

Download file to see previous pages Human activities are the major contributors to global warming. They constitute approximately 72 % of global warming gas emissions. Global warming is mainly an issue of the excess amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. The gas acts as a thick blanket that traps heat escaping from the earth’s surface thus warming up the earth. Imagine somebody under a thick blanket with a high-temperature heater on! Burning of forests and fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, and oil releases carbon dioxide (Pringle 78). Although there are other absorbers of carbon dioxide, forests are the primary absorbers of carbon (II) oxide to manufacture food during photosynthesis. Therefore, cutting forests to clear room for plantation and settlement significantly reduces the natural sink of carbon dioxide absorption. As more sources of carbon dioxide increase, while the natural sinks reduce, the overall result is an atmospheric buildup of carbon dioxide. Apart from carbon dioxide, other global warming gases find their way into the atmosphere. Some of these gases include methane from landfills, and agricultural activities, nitrous oxide from fertilizers, gases applied in refrigeration, and industrial processes (Gore 23).
Different greenhouse gases differ in the ability to trap heat. Some of the gases can prevent more heat from escaping than an equivalent amount of Carbon dioxide. The warming effect of a methane molecule is 20 times more than a molecule of carbon dioxide (Houghton 78). Chlorofluorocarbons and other gases have a thousand times of heat-trapping potential than carbon dioxide (Most countries have banned the usage of these gases). However, the concentrations of these gases are much lower than carbon dioxide. Therefore, Carbon dioxide topples all greenhouse gases in warming the atmosphere. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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