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Businesses Going Green - Research Paper Example

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The author concludes that the need for Go-Green on businesses cannot be overemphasized. Climate patterns have changed. Companies need to adapt to the changes. They should be part of the solutions, rather than part of the problem. This paper has looked at all those facts…
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Businesses Going Green
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Download file to see previous pages Actions of man such use of non-renewable sources of energy contributed to changes in global climate. These changes affect the production of raw materials that most companies depend on (Gunninghal et. al., 2003). The production of raw materials will be threatened, meaning that lesser and lesser raw materials will be produced unless urgent action is taken. With higher prices of commodities, entrepreneurs business leaders are beginning to realize that going green will most likely benefit them. Under this new arrangement, the business wins; and the environment wins, too. It is no longer a cost of doing business by going green; it is actually a catalyst for innovation, new opportunities for market and creation of wealth.
The interest in environmental management continues to be appealing as only means that, in the end, the companies will have more profits. For instance, with improved climatic conditions, they will be able to buy the raw materials that they use at a low price, meaning that they will have more profits. In the new green world, managers will design a product that does not harm the environment. Rather, they will be design environments friendly products such as the use of non-biodegradable packages and safe disposal of wastes.
With the growing concerns about the negative effects of global warming, the idea of going green comes in handy. Global warming is occasioned by the actions of man. Managers and players in company processes have a direct impact on Global Warming. The effluents and waste products that they produce cause environmental pollutions. The pollutions go into the nearest water bodies. This affects the aquatic life. Some companies depend on aquatic raw materials. With the reduced raw materials, one thing is certain: the cost of doing business will go up; profits will be reduced and the economy will be harmed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Businesses Going Green Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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