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Human Activities Cause Climate Change - Research Paper Example

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This paper postulates that human activities cause climate change. To support this argument, it gives evidence of industrialization as a cause of climate change, fingerprinting attributing the increased atmospheric carbon dioxide to human activities and argument against natural causes of warming…
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Human Activities Cause Climate Change
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Extract of sample "Human Activities Cause Climate Change"

Download file to see previous pages From both observational and geologic evidence, it would be appreciated that the Earth’s climate is changing, specifically warming. The resultant negative effect has caused the issue to be critically evaluated in most countries. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA gives evidence of reducing Arctic sea sheet and Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets and extreme events including hurricanes as pointers towards climate change. This evidence follows years of critical data collection from earth-orbiting satellites. Supporting this is the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC documented by Harvey which cites a temperature increase of between 0.30C to 4.80C by the time this century ends, with the sea level possibly rising by between 26cm to 82cm. This could disrupt the distribution of precipitation and ecology and increase forest fires.

Thus, it has become important for countries across the globe to undertake measures that would suppress the causes of climate change. Nonetheless, attributing this phenomenon of global climatic change to specific causes has elicited intense debate. Specifically, the widely accepted postulate of human activities being responsible for climate change has received criticism from those who argue for natural causes. Those fronting human causes, also referred to as anthropogenic causes of global warming, postulate that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere emanating from human activities including burning of fossils, industrialization, and transportation (Bierman 33). Opponents argue against human activities having the capacity to cause climate change, thus attributing the phenomenon to natural causes (Fernández 19). Despite some natural causes being responsible for climate change, the effect of industrialization, fingerprinting of anthropogenic atmospheric carbon dioxide and evidence against natural causes of global warming indicate that such natural causes just supplement human activities in causing climate change. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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