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Destruction Caused by the Farming of Palm Oil - Term Paper Example

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The paper gives detailed information about the destruction caused by the farming of palm oil, an edible plant oil of which has become an ingredient in many products for consumers today. Its products are used in manufacturing products to be used at production and even consumer level…
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Destruction Caused by the Farming of Palm Oil
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Extract of sample "Destruction Caused by the Farming of Palm Oil"

Download file to see previous pages The palm oil farming has recently become more pervasive and causes destruction in many different ways. These palm oil plantations need a rainforest climate – high temperatures and humidity – and a lot of lands too (Greenpeace 28). Due to this, the farming of palm oil becomes the leading cause of destructions of rainforests and hence gives rise to problems within the environment, climate, and people and animals living in these environments mainly through deforestation of which is the main basis for these problems (Greenpeace 18)

Climate change is considered basically the greatest threat to the environment, of which palm oil farming contributes to a great aspect. It is caused by mainly the buildup of greenhouse gases – from the burning of fossil fuels and destruction of areas with a large amount of carbon like the rainforests used in palm oil farming (Greenpeace 17). It refers to the increase in global temperatures averagely. This is caused by natural events as well as human activities such as the farming of these palm oil plantations. These emissions come due to the burning of land containing carbon and its compounds such as carbon dioxide and its release into the environment (Greenpeace 18).

As the destruction of these forests and peatlands happen, greenhouse gases pour into the atmosphere and disrupt the balance of gases that sustain life. These gases mix up with life-sustaining gases like oxygen to create a hazardous compound that is released into the environment (Greenpeace 28). These cause greater impacts such as; the disappearance of permafrost, glaciers and sea ice, rising sea levels, dying of coral reefs, changing seasons, and extreme weather conditions. These effects have much negative influence on the environment and living things within. The impacts already are responsible for the deaths of approximately 315,000 people each year and also the damaging of ecosystems for other forms of life (Greenpeace 10). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Destruction Caused by the Farming of Palm Oil Term Paper.
(Destruction Caused by the Farming of Palm Oil Term Paper)
Destruction Caused by the Farming of Palm Oil Term Paper.
“Destruction Caused by the Farming of Palm Oil Term Paper”.
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