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Approaches to Climate Change in the Asia and Pacific Region - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Approaches to Climate Change in the Asia and Pacific Region" has analyzed the factors that have led to climate change in the Asia Pacific region and examined the issues in the context of the relative importance of climate change mitigation and adaptation in these regions…
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Approaches to Climate Change in the Asia and Pacific Region
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Extract of sample "Approaches to Climate Change in the Asia and Pacific Region"

Download file to see previous pages The paper has concluded that governments in Asia and the Pacific have realized the negative impact of decades of careless industrialization and depletion of natural resources and have now started initiating measures to address complexities that have arisen in the context of land, water, and air pollution. Measures are also being taken to manage natural resources in sustainable ways.
Climate mitigation is the action taken to reduce or entirely remove hazards and long term risks of climate change to human beings. Climate adaptation is the process of systems to make adjustments with climate change so that potential damages are moderated, opportunities are utilized beneficially and the impact and adversities are coped with. Asia is the world’s most populated region because of which it occupies a central place in debates relative to formulating global response towards climate change. In recent years, Asia has been characterized by rapid economic and industrial growth in sectors such as transport, agriculture, forestry, and energy. In order to reduce the adverse impact of climate change, it is important for these sectors to change significantly so that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. It is anticipated that by the year 2030, Asia and the Pacific region as a whole will generate more than 50 percent of the world’s expected total carbon emissions, a major part of which will be created in India and China. It is in the context of the long term and short term impacts of climate change that debates have intensified in recent years about the distinction between climate change mitigation and adaptation. This paper will discuss the relative importance of these two approaches to climate change in the Asia and Pacific region.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Approaches to Climate Change in the Asia and Pacific Region Term Paper, n.d.)
Approaches to Climate Change in the Asia and Pacific Region Term Paper.
(Approaches to Climate Change in the Asia and Pacific Region Term Paper)
Approaches to Climate Change in the Asia and Pacific Region Term Paper.
“Approaches to Climate Change in the Asia and Pacific Region Term Paper”.
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