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The Deforestation in Indonesia - Research Paper Example

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This paper “The Deforestation in Indonesia” delves on the environmental condition including the policies of Indonesia with a specific focus on deforestation. The Republic of Indonesia is an archipelagic country in the South East Asian region with the land area of 1.9 million sq km…
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The Deforestation in Indonesia
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Extract of sample "The Deforestation in Indonesia"

Download file to see previous pages Indonesia is endowed with rich natural resources such as petroleum, gold, silver, coal, natural gas, nickel, and copper among others. Most of its land area is also arable and fertile soil. On the other hand, Indonesia is also home to the most volcanoes in the world, some 76 are historically active (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011).
In spite of being a highly agricultural country, only 16. 5 percent (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011) of Indonesia’s labor force is in the agricultural sector. The industrial sector dominates the labor force with 46.4 percent (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011) followed by services with 37.1 percent (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011).
This set-up of the labor force can be traced back during the 1970s when Indonesia started the development of its wood-processing industries maximizing its forests that comprise 84 percent of its total land area. From then on, Indonesia’s production capacity of pulp and paper industries has increased immensely by almost 700 percent, thus, it is now one of the world’s largest pulp and paper producer.
Forest-related industry in Indonesia was further expanded in the decades of 1980s and 1990s by the government. However, these expansions went underway without any sustainable forest management system thus resulted in the acceleration of forest loss in the country. Deforestation from a layman’s point of view is simply an act of cutting down trees in forest and rainforests. Usually, these are through logging or burning of trees. However, the act of systematically cutting down trees to pave the way for industrial plantations that support the pulp and paper industries or clearing forests to convert them into crop plantation such as palm oil or opening up to mining industries, the simple act elevates to exploitation and deforestation becomes seriously destructive. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Deforestation in Indonesia Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words - 1.
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