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Modern Environmental Crimes and Toxic Waste Sites: Volatile Organic Compounds - Term Paper Example

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The purpose of this paper "Modern Environmental Crimes and Toxic Waste Sites: Volatile Organic Compounds" is to examine the issue of modern environmental crimes with a special focus on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as typical examples of toxic wastes…
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Modern Environmental Crimes and Toxic Waste Sites: Volatile Organic Compounds
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Extract of sample "Modern Environmental Crimes and Toxic Waste Sites: Volatile Organic Compounds"

Download file to see previous pages The problem of toxic waste in the United States is huge in the sense that it affects all aspects of human existence. It is believed that each year, Americans produce about 208 million tons of wastes every year. And this figure is expected to increase yearly if nothing is done to control the current waste-producing character of the people (Bassis,
2010). Undoubtedly, the cost of cleaning-up these immense wastes would be high, not to talk about the destructive impacts of the wastes on the environment and human lives. As a result of these points indicated in the foregoing, investigating the environmental crime as an example of a white collar crime is significant and of great benefit to the survival of the human race.
The main reason this problem of toxic wastes and environmental crime perpetuates in the United States is due to respective governmental agencies that are expected to organize a periodic assessment of the situation has come short of their expected performance through corruption or mere negligence (Kirkeby et al., 2006). The proliferation of solid waste systems across the U.S bodes evil for the environment, people and the economic strength of the country, as a whole. There are questions that needed to be asked: are the technologies for waste disposal systems becoming obsolete? Would new waste management technologies help reduce the extent of wastes that scatter all over the states in America?
As shown in European example, the implementation of a policy that guarantees smooth of transport within the country has been fingered as a possible way to undertake proper waste disposal program, as well as maintain sanitary throughout the states in America (Salhofer et al., 2007). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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