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Nuclear Power as a Green and Sustainable Energy Source - Literature review Example

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This paper "Nuclear Power as a ‘Green’ and Sustainable Energy Source" discusses nuclear power that has the potentials to augment sources of energy in the future. Its use should be further evaluated in terms of its long term effect on the environment and the risks it poses to the existence of mankind…
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Extract of sample "Nuclear Power as a Green and Sustainable Energy Source"

Download file to see previous pages The result is to look for alternative and renewable energy sources to ensure a sustainable amount is left to fuel the world in the future.

In the process of searching for renewable and alternative fuel sources, drastic changes in conditions of the climate in various parts of the world were experienced, partly due to irresponsible handling of natural resources. Industrialization, despite its benefits of growth, urbanization and technological advancement, directly contributes to the rise in greenhouse gases. According to Kim, (2010), greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), water vapor, and fluorinated gases which all act as a “greenhouse around the earth.  This means that they let the heat from the Sun into the atmosphere, but do not allow the heat to escape back into space.  The more greenhouse gases there are, the larger the percentage of heat that is trapped inside the earth’s atmosphere” (Kim, 2010, par. 2).

In this regard, this essay is written to focus on nuclear power as a ‘green’ energy option. The discourse aims to discuss whether or not nuclear power can indeed be seen as a ‘green’ and sustainable energy source. Initially, the paper would describe nuclear power as an energy source, particularly detailing how it works and the advantages and disadvantages associated with using it. Likewise, other relevant issues surrounding the use of nuclear power as the energy source of the future would be presented.
The Nuclear Energy & Science for the Twenty-First Century (NESTFC) (2003) defined nuclear energy as the “energy that is generated through the use of Uranium…created through chemical reactions that involve the splitting or merging of the atoms of nuclei together. The process of splitting an atom’s nucleus is termed fission, and the process of merging the nuclei if atoms are termed merging” (NESTFC 2003, pars. 1 & 2). More simply put, nuclear power is defined by the Britannica Concise Dictionary as “energy produced by nuclear fission of heavy atomic nuclei” (Britannica 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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