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Environmental Sustainability Records of Tesco - Statistics Project Example

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The paper “Environmental Sustainability Records of Tesco” examines Tesco’s ecological contributions, e.g. reducing carbon footprints in business. Its food packages are marked with the amount of CO2 emissions that occurred during the products manufacture as well as ways to further reduce emissions. …
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Environmental Sustainability Records of Tesco
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Extract of sample "Environmental Sustainability Records of Tesco"

Download file to see previous pages Tesco has, over the years, build its reputation on the trust and confidence, the consuming public has placed on them including the safeguarding of environmental health and ushering in environmentally friendly policies and procedures. The major environmental areas in which Tesco Plc. need to consider the following:
- Impacts of climate changes. 
- Traditions to be maintained with regard to vendors and ethics. 
- The need for a greener revolution. 
- Norms regarding wastes, packaging, and Recycling. 
- Sustainability and nurturing the land. 
Towards seeking and attaining these goals, the company has drawn up ambitious targets’ which are envisaged as follows: In terms of reducing the carbon footprints of the premises, it is envisaged to reduce carbon footprints by 50% by the next decade.
Next ensure that by the end of the next decade, new premises release 50% less carbon dioxide. Finally, to classify the total direct carbon footprint of this company in all the countries wherein Tesco operates. According to the Carbon Trust, consumers make up whether covertly or overtly nearly 60% of the carbon outflows of developed countries
Every 7 days nearly over 30m people buy items from our stores on a global basis. It is necessary that these customers seek help to reduce their impact on the environment by using recycled packages and reuse the bags in order to conserve and safeguard environmental health and reduce their carbon footmarks.
Another aspect that needs to be kept in mind is the effects of Green Club card points which are used for redeeming environmental aspects. Way back in 2007, Tesco initiated a £100 million Sustainable Technology Fund to render assistance to massive carbon reduction technologies in stores, DCs and global supply chains. In the UK, it is encouraging to note that energy use has cut down by 50% from 2000 levels and through large scale investments of around £60 million, major breakthroughs in energy-saving and low-carbon technologies are supposed to be reached quite soon. This would complement Tesco’s efforts to use environmental management systems through performance measures to introduce and maintain a high level of carbonless environment and also take concrete measures to usher in a greener working environment free of major health and environment hazards caused by wanton and unethical disregard for environmental protection. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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