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Policies to Reduce Global Warming in USA - Assignment Example

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This paper presents global warming is the most important problem faced by the world including the USA which puts a challenge in ensuring sustainable development. It leads to negative climate change and environmental imbalance that may jeopardize the basic human existence…
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Policies to Reduce Global Warming in USA
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Download file to see previous pages Under this, USA should produce the significant amount of bio-diesel by extending support the farmers to cultivate bio-diesel plants like Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) and Indian beech tree (Pongamia pinnata) in suitable agro-ecosystems. Second policy would concentrate to increase the investment in research on the development of alternative fuels and other green technologies. An integrated green technology plan has to be incorporated in our national policy which should be made as mandatory for all the corporate houses for establishing their units in any piece of land in the USA.
Global warming is a most important problem faced by us which puts a challenge in ensuring sustainable development. It results in negative climate change and environmental imbalance that may jeopardize the basic human existence. With a rise in temperature at present rate, it is reported that some of the islands in the world like the Maldives may be inundated in nearby future which results in loss of biodiversity and ecological balance which in turn result in negative consequences in the total world including the USA.
In the USA, several efforts were made earlier to reduce the negative effect of global warming. The main emphasis in these policies was given to reduce the consumption of energy by using a green technology but in a fragmented manner. The technologies that support the less emission of greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide were encouraged in this process.
However, the progress of global warming management policies was not satisfactory and it requires the politicians to come up with new and most efficient policies that can reduce the global warming in a sustainable manner. Though the USA was actively involved in all the international conferences related to global warming and climate change like the Rio Earth Summit and Kyoto protocol. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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