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The Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Global Warming - Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Global Warming" discusses that there are two possible solutions to the effects of global warming. Mitigation method allows us to relieve the effects of global warming by attempting to reduce the impact of our activities…
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The Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Global Warming
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages Scientists have long blamed global warming for significant changes in the form of global rainfall causing flooding in some areas and extreme drought in others. Many of these changes are considered to be man-made as humans are directly responsible for pumping large quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere. CO2 is a pollutant inducing global warming.
Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is released into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. This chemical mixes with water vapour that comprises the clouds and typically hovers within the lower atmosphere. The presence of CO2 then traps the heat of the sun from escaping back into space and thus acts as an insulator for the planet, allowing it to warm up enough to support life. While this is a naturally occurring process, too much CO2, meaning more than the earth produces on her own, can ‘artificially’ affect the amount of heat captured within the planet’s atmosphere contributing to overheating. This trapped heat thus contributes to massive changes in the weather patterns of the planet, which can lead to devastating catastrophic events such as suddenly violent hurricanes developing just offshore reducing warning time, and large-scale flooding in previously flood-free areas. As a result, global warming is a trend that represents a significant threat to life and property on the planet surface.
The production of CO2 is a natural process that is essential for most life forms on earth. External respiration, also known as breathing, is the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide involving an animal and its environment. This natural exchange of gases between the environment and any given animal takes place through the process of diffusion. The term diffusion refers to the random movement of particles in space. This movement forces the transference of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. As a result, oxygen is taken into the animal’s body because its intensity is less concentrated inside the animal’s lungs than it is in the outer environment, while carbon dioxide, because of its higher concentration inside, gets pushed out into the environment.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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