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Humanitarian Aid as a Strategic Response - Assignment Example

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This paper, Humanitarian Aid as a Strategic Response, stresses that the humanitarian characteristics of the people of Japan marveled media from all over the globe even though the management by various authorities as well as the government was a bit wanting. …
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Humanitarian Aid as a Strategic Response
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Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that any tragedy that is as big as that experienced in Japan that involves shocking destruction, homelessness, relocation, sudden loss of life as well as profound uncertainty concerning the future comes with severe risks of short and long term effects psychologically. The population of Japan is among some of the oldest in the globe since more than twenty percent of its people are older than sixty-five. This people have a higher vulnerability in regards to medical services, food and water being disrupted as well as regular schedules of critical medications. 
This study discusses that the people of Japan have a culture of preparedness which is considerably different from that found in the US. Additionally, Japan is a relatively small country, so in the event that disaster strikes; it usually affects the entire nation. Japan is frequently hit by disasters which usually have uniform characteristics with all the people in the country being apprehensive about earthquakes. Consequently, this has facilitated the establishment of a common culture of preparedness compared to other places such as the US that has a higher diversity of disasters that can be faced by particular communities as well as the people making up the population. Experts in emergency preparedness have shown that the people are likely to prepare for any kind of disaster only when they have experiences that convince them that the disasters are likely to affect them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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