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Exercise #1 - Coursework Example

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In as much as the proponents of factory farming claim that the activity has contributed to better nutrition, housing and disease management and control in the last two decades, the activities of factory farming have created more harm to the environment, further abusing the…
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Exercise #1
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Download file to see previous pages To humans, in accordance with CDC, the farms practicing intensive rearing expose the workers to adverse health risks (Greger & Koneswaran, 2010). Such workers may develop certain conditions as skeletal or muscular injuries, chronic and acute lung complications, and infections like tuberculosis that are transmitted form animals to people. In addition to that, consumers endure the most of farmer activity when consuming the final product. When the farmers use pesticides to avert losses from pets, the chemicals in these pesticides cause health problems to the consumers of such products.
Large numbers of animals contribute to environmental degradation. Pesticides and fertilizers applied in the growth of animal feeds cause environmental pollution. These effluents pollute water and soil resources (Mitloehner & Schenker, 2007). Manure waste and agrochemicals degrade the air, while large numbers of animals put a strain on the limited energy and water resources. Ethically, factory farming is not a defensible practice.
Greger, M., & Koneswaran, G. (2010). The Public Health Impacts of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations on Local Communities. Family & Community Health, 33(1), 11-20. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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