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Environmental economy - Case Study Example

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This water pollution is not only destroying the marine life but a large portion of human life also, which is dependent on this water. In most…
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Environmental economy case study
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Download file to see previous pages However, as the modernization has changed the industries, the number of industries has increased to a greater extent.
This graph shows the level of water pollution in Asian countries in the year of 2014. Due to the increase in the number of industries, the quantity of waste material has also increased. However, some of the famous multinational companies properly dispose off their waste material or they may recycle it to avoid any resource wastage. However, a large number of companies do not care about the disposal of this waste material and thus put their share in the pollution creation of the environment.
The list of affected people by this water pollution is alarming at this point of time. People who are using this pollutant water are suffering from many of the skin and internal diseases. In addition to that, this polluted water is destroying the natural habitat of many of the species living near the marshy places. The living organisms in the water and marine habitat are also suffering at a greater extent. Some of the rare species are near to extinction just because of these pollution materials. There are heavy toxic materials in the waste of industries, which contaminate and disturb the real composition of usable water and thus the living organisms have to suffer the contamination. In this way, there are many adverse effects of this polluted and contaminated water.
In many of the countries, Government and the State authorities have taken serious actions to eradicate this issue of wastage of heavy industries and thus restricting the industry owner to properly dispose of the waste material. The companies can use this waste material even further to make many other things, which will be useful. In some cases, waste material can also act as a fertilizer for the crops and different plants. Though the companies have to put a budget on the waste management but at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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