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The author justifies the importance of these questions to the scholarly community by explaining that Earths temperatures have changed between the poles and equator. In the Quaternary time, the increase in the thermal contrast between the poles and equator has taken place leading…
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Assign 5 mjtjm
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ASSIGN 5 MJ TJM Research Critique The has the following research questions What are the causes of Quaternary glaciations?
2. Is there dependence between the radiation change and temperature change?
The author justifies the importance of these questions to the scholarly community by explaining that Earths temperatures have changed between the poles and equator. In the Quaternary time, the increase in the thermal contrast between the poles and equator has taken place leading to the development of ice cover o land and oceans at temperature and high latitudes. The research can be published as a conference paper because the causes of Quaternary glaciations need to be discussed and to make it clear if the temperature change depends on radiation change. The author demonstrates the questions remains unanswered by stating that there is the absence of accepted viewpoints as the existing hypothesis were mainly on qualitative considerations that allowed different interpretation. The author chooses to use quantitative factors to answer the questions. The author mentions prior research carried out by Humphreys (1929 and others). The researcher considered that the variation of direct radiation was determined by the change in atmospheric transparency due to dust emitted during volcanic eruptions. However, the author disagrees with the findings arguing that the variation of the radiations could also be caused by increased atmospheric dust emitted by human activities1.
The author has examined relevant literature review on the topic that has explained why the research question has not yet been answered.
Research Approach
The author uses observational images from the meteorological satellites, data from geological investigations on the level of volcanic activity and results of calculations of monthly mean values of radiation. There are no sampling issues involved in the research.
The dependent variable in the study is that the changes in Earth’s temperature. The independent variables are the variations in the transparency of the atmosphere that depends on the level of volcanic activity. The hypothesis to be tested is precise as temperature change is related to change in solar radiations2.
The author uses inferential statistics which is an appropriate approach based on the data available. The assumption is that the change in temperature and transparency in the atmosphere are linear. The author’s findings are that human activities influence the climate as the activities produce energy that produces heat that is an additional to the heat generated by the solar radiations. The author has an expectation that one of the glaciers expansions could reach the critical latitude that would result in complete glaciations of the Earth setting in. The author borrowed the conceptual definition from a piece of prior research3.
The author concludes that human activities should be taken into account as to some extent they influence the present climate. The conclusions provide a gap where other research needs to be done to find out whether the man’s activities affect climate change in any way.
The authors writing style is not easy to understand though the arguments are logically presented. The paper is not well organized to follow quickly as the paper is not into divided different subtitles. In general, the paper has the essential details needed to answer the research questions4.
Budyko, Mikhail I. "The effect of solar radiation variations on the climate of the earth." Tellus 21, no. 5 (1969): 611-619.Retrieved: Read More
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Assign 5 Mjtjm Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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