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Environmental protection requires participation of everyone in the community and sustainable use of resources in the environment with the state or the…
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Extract of sample "TSCA VS REACH VS CEPA"

Environmental Studies Environmental Studies Efforts to protect the environment has been a touchy issue with the affected parties pointing a finger at one another for blame. Environmental protection requires participation of everyone in the community and sustainable use of resources in the environment with the state or the government as the lead agency (Girard, Day & Snider, 2010). In addition, the intervention in environmental protection is achievable through the state participation by endorsing regulations in favour of environmental protection. These regulations include TSCA, REACH AND CEPA. This paper present a comparison of TSCA and REACH with Canada’s regulatory framework, Canada Environmental Protection Act, CEPA.
The TSCA laws and regulations majorly deal with control of exposure to toxic substances from industries to the environment as asserted by Girard, Day and Snider (2010). The TSCA restrictions provide control over exposure from substances relating to food, drugs, cosmetics and pesticides among others. In addition, they have authority requiring recording keeping, testing requirements, restriction to chemical substances and reporting the findings to make a decision. On the other hand, REAC regulations aim to improve protection of human health and the environment by identifying earlier, any key properties of chemical substances. Majorly, REAC applies to the exclusion of potential risks substances imported or manufactured in the EU.
CEPA was a Canadian Environmental Registry enacted in 1999 as contained in Girard, Day and Snider (2010). CEPA is an act that concerns about pollution prevention and protection of the environment with attention to human health. CEPA exercises its mandate to protect the environment where any threats of serious and irreversible damage or lack of full scientific certainty on a product enforces pollution prevention approaches. Therefore, CEPA takes preventive and remedial measures to protect and enhance the restoration of the environment for sustainable development as explained by Girard, Day and Snider (2010).
Girard, A. L., Day, S., & Snider, L. (2010). TRACKING ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME THROUGH CEPA: CANADAS ENVIRONMENT COPS OR INDUSTRYS BEST FRIEND?. Canadian Journal of Sociology, 35(2), 219-241. Read More
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