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Specifically, this definition stresses on amplifying our internal value on the external world. Therefore, as a health care administrator to be, the…
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Ted talk
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The Impact of Character on Career According to the character first document, write the definition of character: What does this definition mean to you regarding your preparation to be a health care administrator?
The definition adopted in the character first document defines character as the inward values that determine outward actions. Specifically, this definition stresses on amplifying our internal value on the external world. Therefore, as a health care administrator to be, the definition implies that I act transparently by revealing the real me through expressing my values and beliefs.
2. What character traits has Dr. Leana displayed based upon the 49 character traits? Write the term and definition that goes with each term.
Endurance: The innermost power to endure pressure
Boldness: Assurance to say or act based on personal and external beliefs on what is factual, accurate, and fair
Decisiveness: The aptitude to identify fundamental features and conclude challenging results
Dependability: Achieving what I concurred to do, regardless of the unexpected sacrifice I make
Truthfulness: Earning imminent dependence by truthfully reporting preceding evidences
Virtue: The ethical brilliance in my life as I act rightfully
Sincerity: Enthusiastically doing what is right with clear intentions
3. Which five character traits do you feel are the most important to be aware of in your future role of being a health care administrator?
The most important character traits in my future career are
Truthfulness: Earning imminent dependence by truthfully reporting preceding evidences
Virtue: The ethical intelligence in my life as I act rightfully
Sincerity: Enthusiastically doing what is right with clear intentions
Enthusiasm: Venting delight in each assignment as I give it my best determination
Availability: Creating my program and urgencies tributary to the needs of those I attend
4. What character traits (3-5 traits) do you feel are necessary for you to pay more attention to your professional development? Explain why
Characters that need more attention are those with a direct impact on my professional activities and enhancing my relationship with clients. Gentleness is displaying attention and personal apprehension for others. Therefore, a health care practitioner, showing concern for other is imperative in creating a trust bond relationship with my patients. Responsibility trait entails knowing and doing what is expected of me at any given time. For this reason, serving the people with unbiased or prejudiced opinion is important in achieving my career objective and self-satisfaction as an individual. Finally, Diligence advocates investing my energy to complete my assigned tasks. The health sector experiences a shortage in personnel and, therefore, requires committed individuals who are willing to serve the community with a helping attitude. In my career, I need to embrace this character to ensure my clients, and I yield maximum satisfaction from the experience.
5. Explain what you learned from this assignment
Through the assignment, I have discovered that I should define my character and adjust myself to satisfy my undertakings in every professional duty. Fundamentally, expressing our inner values and practicing what we believe creates a sense of trust between our clients and us. Consequently, this improves our relationship leading to more satisfying outcomes. Read More
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