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This has had a negative impact on both the land animals and the sea creatures, thereby raising an alarm of the existence of a problem. In fact, the article points out that due…
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Analyse article
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Save the Corals Over time, there has been consistent loss in the tropical and rain forests due to mankind’s actions. Thishas had a negative impact on both the land animals and the sea creatures, thereby raising an alarm of the existence of a problem. In fact, the article points out that due to the depletion of rain forests, there has been loss of an ecosystem which hosts 32 out of the 34 recognized animal Phyla groups.
Equally, although coral reefs are home to about 34% of marine animals, human actions continue to destroy them. In fact, the article states that over 80% of the world’s shallow reefs are overfished therefore affecting their existence. Furthermore, the article points out that oceans absorbs more carbon dioxide thus making it more acidic which erodes the skeletal structure of the corals. Consequently, these factors have led to loss of 27% of the coral reefs and an estimated 60% could be lost in 30 years.
Accordingly, the article points out that when these corals are exposed to acidity conditions, or pollution, zooxanthellae and other microscopic algae in the process referred to as “coral bleaching” (Vallery 2015).These microscopic algae alongside the zooxanthellae are responsible for the production of oxygen, food and the beautiful rainbow colors that have made human beings to fall in love with the corals. Similarly, coral reefs usually plays a significant part in terms of ensuring that the aquatic system stays healthy and therefore it is important that coral reefs be preserved.
Sadly, the article points out that loss of coral reefs would lead to up to 25% of the loss of the total biodiversity of the aquatic and marine life. Furthermore, this loss would lead to the extinction of various marine animals consequently affecting the global ecosystem. Quite surprisingly however, the article points out that the loss of coral reefs can be avoided. The article illustrates that a scientific study found that 12 out of 21coral reefs were able to recover as a result of the coral bleaching process.
In a nutshell, the article talks about the importance of coral reefs in the overall ecosystem, whilst airing the concern that it has continued to face depletion. Therefore, the article campaigns towards the reduction in the amount of loss of the coral reefs, in order to realize a healthy ecosystem. People are therefore faced with the responsibility to ensure that coral reefs are given the chance to survive. This can be achieved through minimization of human actions such as overfishing, releasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions and cleaning up the oceans among other ways. Therefore, even though the coral reefs are faced with a very high chance of destruction, human beings have a special chance of ensuring that these corals are saved.
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