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Will be clarified in the requirements - Book Report/Review Example

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The project has been explained with reference to Schedule 1 & Schedule 2 of Town & Country Planning Regulation Act 2011. The environmental statement of the…
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Will be clarified in the requirements
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Download file to see previous pages And why such products are used more. The reason is that increasing pollution in environment has created awareness among the companies and even individuals, because now everyone is effected by the pollution whether its car smoke, noise, water pollution etc. Perhaps, every new project has to undergo environmental assessment in order to get their project approved. Thus, many companies and industries are now incorporating environment restoration programs as a part of their project proposal in order to get the project approved.
According to this act, every project has to follow and fulfil the regulations mentioned in this act. Therefore, every project has to meet the requirements which includes purpose of the project, the criteria or threshold for the project, characteristic of the project site of the project etc. In Town and country Planning Act Regulation act 2011, there are different schedules but our main focus is Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 (Town and Country Planning, 2011).
Schedule 1 of town and country Regulation act refers to the “purpose of the project development” (Town and Country Planning, 2011). Therefore, the purpose of our project is the extraction of coal and fireclay which will be used in energy generation sector and brick making material respectively. The method that will be used to extract coal and fireclay is surface mining. The main objective of the project is to extract 4 million tons of coal and 500,000 tons of fireclay (ATH Resources plc, 2009). The aim of this project is to keep the operation area to minimum so that there is minimum damage to the natural resources and environment. In addition to this, another segment of the project proposal is the restoration of the construction area, which was affected during mining and other project related activities.
Unlike Schedule 1, schedule 2 includes the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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