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There are a number of controversies that remain a puzzle to the extent that no concrete solution has been presented as a result of misplaced priorities and wrangles. The political…
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Climate Change Influence of Human Beings on Climate Change Climate change is one of the most critical challenges being experienced in the modern dispensation. There are a number of controversies that remain a puzzle to the extent that no concrete solution has been presented as a result of misplaced priorities and wrangles. The political elites have taken the opportunity to use climate change as a political tool for which certain objectives are achieved. Human influence on climate change is a controversial issue that remains unresolved even now. Human influence on climate change has a number of negative consequences.
The argument that human influence on climate change has numerous negative connotations is based on facts and issues. Case in point is that human beings have politicized the climate change to the extent that scientific reasoning has been compromised. While global warming remains a critical challenge to the local communities and the international system, individuals have politicized the issue for political milestones. Parliamentary committees, governments and houses of representatives have failed to come up with essential solutions that can first track cabbing of global warming. Human beings through political representation have stalled the process of coming up with solutions based on political considerations.
Human beings influence on climate change has a number of cons in the sense that a critical thought has not been given to alternative sources of information. Case in point is that while suggestions have been presented on alternative energy use, human beings have remained resistant to change. The old habits persist in the face of global warming because no serious considerations have been given to the sources of energy that induce global warming. If the human beings embraced alternative sources of energy, it would be relatively easy to deal with the challenges of climate change.
The Beneficiaries
The political elites are the major beneficiaries in the debate concerning climate change. Case in point is that they develop policies and guidelines that are not geared towards solving the problem, but to massage the issues, and challenges presented. While the political class comes up with information and guidelines that are supposed to guide the debate on climate change, they are careful never to antagonize the system by proposing stringent measures that may not be agreeable to their constituencies. To this extent, it is important to note that political expediency is a driving agenda when climate change is discussed by the elites.
Though the politicians benefit through compromised and filtered information, it is important to note that such tendencies are not ethical. Case in point is that climate is increasingly becoming a serious problem not just for the international community but also the local communities. Local communities are pushed to the periphery due to the negative tendencies of global warming. Flooding, drought and changed weather patterns are critical challenges that affect the people to a greater extent (Nanda, 2011). It is the duty of the politicians and other factions to come up with policies that are solution oriented and not compromised facts.
Nanda, V. P. (2011). Climate change and environmental ethics. New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers. Read More
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