Use of coconut oil as a renewable resource in 2050 - Research Proposal Example

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Fossil fuel has long been use and forms the heart of industrial production for many decades. There have been many challenges accompanying the production and use of the petroleum product. According to Abishek and his…
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Use of coconut oil as a renewable resource in 2050
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Use of coconut oil as a renewable resource in 2050 25/10/14 Introduction
Fuel forms an important part of industrial production process. Fossil fuel has long been use and forms the heart of industrial production for many decades. There have been many challenges accompanying the production and use of the petroleum product. According to Abishek and his fellow scholars, the world has been hugely affected by the fossil fuel that is mostly used industries (Abishek, Patel, & Rajan, 2014). Majority of the industries in the world solely depend on the petroleum oil to drive the industrial machines. The challenges range from the effect the fuel have to the environment to its nature as non-renewable resource. The fuel triggers environmental effluence that leads to universal heating (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2005). Given the effect, the world is now moving towards the use of renewable energy and the coconut oil is emerging as a possible source.
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The negative effect of the petroleum oil has made policy makers and environmentalists to research on renewable fuels that is environmental friendly. Among the possible source of fuel that can be put in place by 2050 is the coconut fuel. According to Alamu and his fellow scholars, the fuel is growing in popularity and scientists are working on a research that foresee the extensive use of the oil (Alamu, Dehinbo, & Sulaiman, 2010). Countries that would benefit from the fuel will be more than the current countries that produce the petroleum fuel. Every country in the coastal region can benefit from the product. The notion is that the coconut fruit grows widely in the coastal region, and a healthy tree can produce up to 120 fruits per annum (Alamu, Dehinbo, & Sulaiman, 2010). The fuel produced from the fruit can be used to power a diesel engine and therefore become a direct adjunct to diesel (Saxena, 2014). The productivity of the fuel is increasing as the stakeholders realise the importance of the fuel. The south pacific region is one of the areas that has acknowledged the importance of the fuel (Namakin, 2007). In this region, industries are adopting the use of the green fuel. The production of the fruit has been heightened to reduce the cost associated with the high demand of the product. The countries in this area are using the coconut fuel to produce electrical energy according to the FAO report (FAO, n.d.). Since the petroleum oil is cannot be replenished back, the long-run cost will be high. The high cost usually makes most of the countries to spend a lot on the oil. The cost incurred in importing fossil fuel have been cut, therefore, saving on the national budget (Chowdhury, Rekhu, Faraz, & Islam, 2012). The fuels are seen to benefit not only the industrialists but also the farmers. According to Shaheed, Maldives farmer who are growing the crop are enjoying huge income from the high demand of the product (Shaheed, 1998). In Maldives, the coconut oil is being used in place of diesel in the running of industrial machines.
Renewable fuel remains the only hope to many challenges arising from the use of the petroleum fuel. Experts are doing a tireless research on the production and use of the coconut oil. New machines that purely uses this oil are being developed (Inter-American Development Bank, 2014). Furthermore, farmers are being advised to plant the crop producing the oil in large quantity to satisfy the high demand of the oil (Bradley, Poel, & Huang, 2006). The growth of production and use of the coconut oil will lead to the solving the problem associated with the use of fossil fuel.
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