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This assignment "Ways of Protecting the Environment" discusses a number of ways in which the environment can be protected, such as energy conservation, water conservation, recycling, and avoiding air pollution. The assignment considers the importance of protecting the environment for human…
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Ways of Protecting the Environment
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Energy conservation can be achieved in a number of ways. Firstly, ensuring that all electrical appliances such as computers, radios, televisions, and lights are switched off when not in use ensures that wastage of energy is minimized. Secondly, it is also important to unplug all electrical appliances from sockets even when they have been switched off to avoid wasting energy. Electrical appliances such as phone and laptop charges can use up energy when left plugged in sockets, even when the sockets are switched off. Thirdly, changing to energy saving bulbs such as LED or fluorescent light bulbs will save a lot of energy compared to using the conventional light bulbs. Fourthly, energy can also be saved when people avoid making use of electronic exercise machines such as treadmills and instead engage in other physical activities such as jogging, walking, riding real bicycles or doing push-ups. Lastly, people can use heavy blankets when it gets cold instead of heating their rooms using electrical heaters (Farmer 5).
Water conservation can happen when people ensure that taps are properly closed when not in use. Also, ensuring that taps are not dripping or leaking when closed can help save a lot of water that would have otherwise been lost through the trickles that would have dripped for a prolonged period of time. One can put a container under a dripping tap so that the dripping water can be fetched and used later instead of going to waste by simply dripping down the drain. Water can also be conserved when people take shorter showers or avoid filling their bathtubs to the maximum. Those with pools can use pool covers to reduce the amount of evaporation which will require them to refill their pools from time to time when a lot of evaporation has taken place. People can also avoid flushing toilets unnecessarily and only do so when it is really necessary.
Recycling and conserving can be achieved by ensuring that recyclable materials are properly disposed of in recycling containers that are placed in strategic places in various countries that value recycling. Recycling and conserving can also be done through the avoidance of using items that need to be disposed of. People can instead make use of reusable items such as utensils or rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones (Farmer 11). Things that are considered junk can also be converted into useable accessories such as jewelry and household decorations.
Avoiding air pollution can be achieved by using bicycles instead of motor vehicles that release toxic gases to the environment. In case cars must be used, people can carpool to reduce the number of cars on the road simultaneously, thus reducing the amount of air pollution.
In conclusion, environmental conservation requires consorted efforts from every person. The ways of conserving the environment, as discussed in this essay, can only be effective if they are put into practice by every single one of us. Environmental conservation is a collective responsibility with immense benefits to mankind, animals, and plants.
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Ways of Protecting the Environment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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