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Eighty percent of the people are aware of the presence of global warming, and the remaining twenty percent have no idea. On the knowledge of the causative agents…
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Preliminary research (survey report: global warming)
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Global warming report al affiliation Global warming report From an interview, it is evident that the people interviewed areaware of the presence of global warming happening. Eighty percent of the people are aware of the presence of global warming, and the remaining twenty percent have no idea. On the knowledge of the causative agents for global warming, sixty percent of the people think that it is accused by the human activities and behaviour. The other 20 percent think that the global warming is occurring due to the natural environmental changes. The last 20 percent think that the ice melting is the major cause of global warming.40 percent of the people are very worried of global warming another forty percent are moderately worried while 20 percent are not very worried. 20% believe it will affect the future regeneration moderately, 40% believe it will harm them in a great deal while 40% do not know.
When conducting a study, a sample size is picked to represent the whole population in the area. First there is a need to determine the whole population of the people involved in the study. Secondly there is the calculation on the reliability of the sample size to be representative of the whole population. Lastly, there is a need to establish the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the people to be involved in the study. It is of the essence to design the mentioned criteria so as to obtain the relevant information. To make the data more credible, there is need to get the right participants in the study. Apart from that the researcher has to formulate the right questions that are tackling the issues involved in the study (Ashton, 2012).
Ashton, P. (2012). Research Methods for Community Change: A Project-Based Approach. Gateways: International Journal of Community Research & Engagement, 5, 201–202. Read More
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