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It links self-reported data to other data that have been collected from other sources. Surveys may be national population based or state based. Surveys…
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Data Collection
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Methods of data collection Surveys Surveys involve seeking from people about the information which could be reliable and appropriate to enhance health issues. It links self-reported data to other data that have been collected from other sources. Surveys may be national population based or state based. Surveys involve collecting information from respondents through their responses to particular questions. Since there are many people with vast views, survey is very effective and efficient for systematically collecting data from a wide spectrum of people. Information on prevention of childhood injuries calls for views from a wide range of people, thus prompting the use of survey (Mitchel & Jolley, 2012).
Surveys have the following advantages:
A researcher can design a survey very easily as compared to other methods. In a survey, a researcher can collect a wide range of data at a time e.g. opinions, values, beliefs, attitudes etc. this helps the researcher to limit several errors which could otherwise be assumed (Thanos & H. Debas, 2010). Surveys have the following disadvantages.
Respondents may not feel the confidence to give accurate information. They may give false answers at the expense of pleasing the researcher. Furthermore, the respondents may not be aware the questions due to lack of prior knowledge or have forgotten.
The use of surveys will help the researcher to get broader view of the injuries affecting children and propose possible ways of treating them.
These tools are useful for recording events or circumstances for the occurrence of health issues by the use of registers. When there is an injury incident, records are kept in various health organizations for future records of curbing the same problem.
There are various registries to record unique information. These registries include health service registries, treatment registries, specific information registries, etc. in case of any information need; registries provide a good information source (Rubin & Babbie, 2009).
Registries have the following advantages
Registries offer exact surveillance data required in the precise format required. Registries allow computations of incidence rates at the fundamental level. In case of follow up, registry provide relevant information on exacerbation, survival, prevalence and remission. Above all, registries aid in translation of information for better understanding and treating diseases.
However, registries are bias to some extent. They creep unrecognized into the data sets thus leading to false conclusions. Biases affect case definition as well as inclusion for registries. This results in misplacement of patients’ registry data. Lastly, surveillance registries relating to data registry is not central to only health care delivery. Data recording requires time and effort (Mitchel & Jolley, 2012). This may be compromised incase of overloads.
Registries give specific insights into specific treatment of disease effectiveness. Furthermore, data registry provides evidence for any disease especially if proper records are kept.
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